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How To Finish The Olympus Race In Splitgate Quickly

Want to know how you can finish the Olympus race in record time in Splitgate? Read this guide and find out how you can do so!

The Olympus Race is one of the many races available in the Splitgate training mode. Just like the other races in this mode, you will need to aim to complete it as quickly as possible. In this article, we will show you how to complete this race.

How to Do the Splitgate Olympus Race?

olympus race splitgate

To learn how you can complete the Olympus race, keep reading the steps mentioned below:

  • Once you begin the race, head towards the first oddball and collect it.
  • Now, head to your right and then place a portal on the panel you will see. This portal will be placed at an angle in the corridor.
  • Then, collect the oddballs that will come in your way.
  • Now you will need to triple-portal your way through the panel in the corridor and another panel to your left. The third panel will be located near your spawn location.
  • Keep grabbing the oddballs that will come across your way.
  • Once you do so, you will come across a tricky location for a portal.
  • This location is on the balcony. You will need to place a portal on top, just beyond and under the timer panel.
  • Now, you will have to turn around and place another portal here. You have to go through this portal.
  • As you fall down, place a portal on the upper panel, just below the ceiling.
  • Once you do so, continue to fall down the cylindrical shaft. Make a portal right towards the end of the shaft.
  • This portal will see you exit straight out of the portal you had made under the ceiling a couple of steps ago.
  • Once you exit from the said portal, create another portal right opposite where you are and continue to head out of another narrow shaft.
  • After leaving this shaft, look up and through the narrow opening in the wall. Here, you will find a red circular object that resembles a cut-out cylinder.
  • If you look closely enough, you will find a panel inside this cylindrical object. Place a portal on this panel. Now place a portal directly above you on the ceiling and go right through it.
  • Remember to use a jet pack as you go through this portal.
  • After you exit this portal, head for the tunnel-like shaft and place a portal right at its end.
  • Now, place a portal in the panel located to your left and enter it.
  • As you head out of the window, look towards your upper left. You should find a cube-like object here.
  • As you head towards this cube, place a portal right on top of it.
  • Remember to carry as much momentum as you can when you leave this portal. This will enable you to be much quicker.
  • As the momentum carries you, you will find plenty of oddballs spawning mid-air. Do not forget to collect each and every one of them.
  • As you finish floating mid-air, you will land on a platform.
  • Hop from here towards your left and into an opening in the structure right opposite you.
  • Once you enter this structure, you will find a rectangular panel in the distance, just outside of one of the openings of the said structure.
  • Place a portal here, then jump off the structure and head down to the circular platform. As you fall, place your other portal on the circular platform.
  • As you pass from this portal, you will use your momentum to carry you through the last few remaining oddballs.
  • Head right through the middle of the Olympus starting point and continue through to the next panel, picking up oddballs on the way.
  • Now, place a portal right at the end on the face of the small floating rectangular platform.
  • This portal will directly open at the bottom of the map, and as you move through it you will end up picking the final few oddballs.
  • This will end the race.

And that is how you can complete the Olympus race quickly in Splitgate. While this process can be extremely complicated at first, you will be able to master it with a little bit of practice. If you liked this article, check out our guide on how to complete the Pantheon Race in Splitgate.