How To Unlock Rainbow Skin In Splitgate

Here's how to quickly unlock the Rainbow Skin in Splitgate.

Splitgate has gained a massively growing player base since its launch. With such growth, players will want to flex so here is how you can get the rare Psychedelic Skin or also known as the Rainbow Skin in Splitgate.

How to Get the Rainbow Skin in Splitgate

rainbow skin splitgate

The Rainbow Skin is unlockable and only obtained from Drops. There is no sure way of getting the Rainbow Skin as it requires a little luck and patience. Although you can increase your chances, you can get more Drops. The more you open it, the more likely you are to unlock it.

Obtaining Drops is pretty straightforward, keep playing Splitgate. Drops are obtained by leveling up – each level you reach you will get a Drop. This was only till Level 10 for the Splitgate BETA,  as of the Global Launch the Level Cap is 100.

Another way is to complete the Battle Pass. On the 4th tier, 8th tier, and the 12th tier of the Battle Pass you will get Drops. To progress the Battle Pass by completing missions. Completing missions will also give you XP which will help you level up, unlocking those Drops for you. Finally, you can get Drops by logging in every day and claiming the Login Rewards. The Day 4 Reward will give a Drop.

Getting the Rainbow Skin is going to take some time and some luck. You may not get it after opening many Drops or get you might get it on the First Drop. Consistently grinding the game will ensure that you will unlock the Rainbow Skin in Splitgate.

To know more about this in detail, I would suggest checking out our How to Unlock Skins guide. Now go forth and be victorious. Also when do unlock the Rainbow/Psychedelic Skin, do flex it around your friends and enemies to earn some extra Brownie Points.