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Silver Surfer Fortnite Skin To Be Added In Item Shop In Fortnite Today

According to data miners, Marvel's Silver Surfer likely to be dropped to Fortnite's Item Shop on August 30.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 is said to be based on the Marvel characters and the whole Battle Pass gives players Marvel Skins and other cosmetics. When a gamer completes this season’s Battle Pass, he or she is awarded with the Thor, Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk), Groot, Storm, Doctor Doom, Mystique, Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Wolverine Skins.

There is no denying of the facts that Epic Games will be releasing various Marvel Skins throughout this season but the question is which Marvel Characters will be seen in Fornite? If anything to go by gaming websites, they were supposed to add one Skin in the Item Shop on August 30, 2020.




When v14,00 update was released, the Silver Surfer and various cosmetics were not leaked, however, a few hours after the Season 4 launch, there were five cosmetics that were decrypted by Epic, all in Silver Surfer set. Take a look at the cosmetics added in the Silver Surfer set:

  • Silver Surfer Skin
  • Herald’s Star Back Bling
  • Silver Surfer’s Board Glider
  • Silver Surfer Pickaxe
  • Reflector Wrap

The pricing detail has not been revealed yet, though, we will get to know about the prize very soon. As of now, no other skins seemed to have leaked by data miners, but there will be huge revelations in the days to come as Fortnite sets up the multi-universal cosmic war that they have been teasing.


The Silver Surfer Skins has not been confirmed by Epic, however, earlier, when images have been leaked early, the Skin does drop into the shop. We will update this article when more information related to Silver Surfer is released by Epic.

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