Overwatch 2: Best Counter For Sigma [Tips & Strategies]

Aniket Maurya
3 Min Read

As you progress through the game, you will be unlocking several Heroes of different class types. Tank, Damage, and Support are the three class types in Overwatch 2. Heroes of each class are capable enough to fulfill their role when used properly. Speaking of which, Sigma is one of the best in his class, Tank in this game. When engaging in a fight with this Hero, one has to give their best to avoid him as his abilities are lethal. Although it is not completely impossible to fire back at this Hero. If you are one such player looking for an opening against him in this game, then this article got you covered. Check out this guide that features some tips and strategies to counter Sigma in Overwatch 2.

Best Tips & Strategies to Counter Sigma in Overwatch 2

How To Counter Sigma In Overwatch 2

D.Va can fire an unlimited round of ammo with her Fusion Canons. Hence, it can be used to break Sigma’s Experimental Barrier making his team lose a shield until the cooldown period ends. Meanwhile, Flankers like Genji, Reaper, or Tracer can intrude and cause heavy damage.

Genji is one of the quickest characters in this game. This makes him a difficult target from the viewpoint of Sigma and hence Genji can prove to be a better counter Hero against him in Overwatch 2. Similarly, you can use Heroes like Pharah to damage Sigma from the air.

Also, one should not forget the ghastliest Hero, Reaper. His Shadow Step ability can let him teleport to any desired location with ease. This marks a great opportunity for Reaper to get closer to Sigma and cause brutal damage. Moreover, Sigma is also vulnerable to his Hyperspheres. So Sigma can even damage himself while trying to damage others in close range.

These are some of the best and most effective Counters for Sigma in Overwatch 2. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other OW2 guides on Overwatch 2.