How To Find The Last Hidden Treasure In Sightless Passage In Pikmin 4

Check out this guide to know how you can find the last hidden treasure in Sightless Passage cave in Pikmin 4.

Although finding treasures and collecting Sparklium is a necessary component in Pikmin 4, some hidden ones like in Sightless Passage cave can leave players perplexed. Players will come across the Sightless Passage cave after unlocking Blossoming Arcadia in Pikmin 4. There are different hazards that you will encounter but the most interesting part of the cave seems to be a treasure. It is indicated by the treasure tracker on the radar map but you might get confused when you see nothing there. Being stuck on one while there are other treasures and lands to explore isn’t ideal, so check out this guide to know how you can find the hidden treasure with ease.

How to Find the Last Hidden Treasure in Sightless Passage in Pikmin 4

sightless passage last hidden treasure in pikmin 4
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Players will be alerted of the hidden treasure in the northwest part of Sightless Passage cave in Pikmin 4. As mentioned earlier, you will have to first unlock the Blossoming Arcadia main area in the game. Players can get to the Sightless Passage by traveling up the slope from the Misshapen Pond base location. Although you can have any Pikmin of your choice on this journey, we recommend you tag along with some Red and Yellow ones. The reason is there are different electric as well as fire hazards. And not to mention the cave is dimly lit. Once you reach the northwest chamber of the cave, you will come across two fire snails.

Your best bet against these creatures are the Red Pikmin you brought along with you in Sightless Passage. As these specific Pikmins are resistant to fire, they will help you defeat the snails easily. Don’t send your adorable space pup Oatchi near them as he will catch onto the fire. Once defeated your radar map will alert you of a treasure near the burnt ground. The reason you won’t be able to see it is because it is hidden underground. You can use any Pikmin at your disposal to dig for the last hidden treasure in Pikmin 4. Just hold down A to throw the Pikmin on the site.

What is the Last Hidden Treasure?

The Pikmin will dig up a thermometer known as Heat Sensor in Pikmin 4 as the last hidden treasure in Sightless Passage cave. The treasure is a collectible item from the Gifts of the Sages series of collections. The thermometer holds a value of 120 Sparklium and a weight of 5. So players will have to take their Pikmin accordingly in the game. There are other materials and collectibles you can get from the cave. So be aware of your surroundings through the maze.

That’s everything covered on how to find the last hidden treasure in the Sightless Passage in Pikmin 4. Check out our guide on how to solve hero’s hideaway bunker code and for more interesting guides like these check out our dedicated Pikmin 4 section.