How To Solve Hero’s Hideaway Bunker Code In Pikmin 4

Tired of experimenting with different combinations? Here is how you get the Bunker code for Hero's Hideaway in Pikmin 4.

Possibly the trickiest puzzle that many are unable to solve in Pikmin 4, is the Bunker code combination in Hero’s Hideaway. Since this is a main mission you have to open the Bunker in order to rescue Olimar. And to make things different for everyone, the Bunker code is unique for each player. This is because the code changes each time you have a new playthrough.

So for you, the code might be 123, but for your friend, it can be 655. Luckily, the game does give you a clue on how you can find these numbers. And this clue has to do with the symbol on the dial of the lock. So here is where you can find the numbers to solve the Bunker puzzle in Hero’s Hideaway in Pikmin 4 and open the safe to get Olimar.

How to Get the Safe Code & Open Hero’s Hideaway Bunker

Pikmin 4 how to Open Safe in Hero's Hideaway
Image Credit: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

You need a three-digit code to open the Bunker. Each number has a dial with a symbol of playing cards. So to get the code you need to find the 3 playing cards. As you collect the three cards, that are Heart, Diamond, and Club. You will get the code number beside its symbol on the right side of your screen. Once you have all three digits simply use the dial and enter the corresponding number using Pikmin.

As for finding the cards here are the locations for them all:

First Card Location

Playing Card Location 1
Image Credit: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

Starting with the easiest card. Go toward the wall where there is a Board with a playing card stuck on it with the help of a dart. Use Oatchi’s Rush on the wall to free the card from the board and get its number.

Second Card Location

Playing Card Location 2
Image Credit: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

The second playing card is located on the stairs behind the sofa. Climb up the bookshelf. Next slide on the rail track to reach the stairs.

Third Card Location

Playing Card Location 3
Image Credit: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

Out of the three, this isn’t as straightforward to get to as the others. You can find it on the middle step of the stepladder it is in the northern part of the room. Using fans get on the table at the center. Here you will find switches that will let you control a bunch of fans. Switch between the player and Oatchi to set up the fan which leads you to the middle step of the step ladder.

Now, you will have all three codes simply use them and unlock the safe, and save Olimar.

That’s all you need to do to solve the Bunker Code Combination and open Olimar’s Safe in Hero’s Hideaway in Pikmin 4. I suggest you also check out our guide on how to unlock Primordial Thicket.