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Sifu True Ending Guide – How To Get & Unlock?

Read this guide to learn how to get and unlock the true ending in Sifu.

Picture this. You’ve gotten past all of the tricky bosses in Sifu and you have finally made it to the end, but then, you notice the possibilities of a true ending. Wait, you mean to say there’s actually a true ending after you are completely done with the game? Well yes, there actually is, and in this guide, we will show you how to get to it. Before you get to reading this guide, however, we need to warn you. You might find some spoilers from the game in here, so enter at your own risk!

How to Get & Unlock the True Ending in Sifu?



In order to get and unlock the true ending in Sifu, you need to forgive your enemies after beating Yang and reading the cryptic message about Wude. Forgiving your enemies will help you unlock the five Talismans.

Once you acquire all five Talismans, you will need to have the first four with you as you head over to fight Yang again (you need to fight him to trigger the ending to Sifu again). When you do so, you will notice that the four elements will lighten up the entire room. This will occur just before you begin the boss fight. If you see this light, you will know that you are following all the steps correctly.


What you need to do during the fight with Yang is you need to spare him. You also need to spare all of the other bosses you fight with.

After you spare Yang, you will notice that he will fight you again in his third phase. During this phase, he will throw down a barrage of attacks against which you will be seemingly defenseless. All you need to do here is keep thwarting his attacks.

Once you complete this entire process, you will arrive at the true ending of Sifu. As you can see, doing so is really easy. All you need to do is avoid killing any of the bosses you fight. You will need to spare all of them to get to this alternative ending in the game.


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