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Sifu – All Missions List & Post Game Content

Here is a list of all the missions in Sifu as well as the Postgame Content you can get.

Sifu is the latest Title released by Slocap. It is a Beat ’em Up Action game where you as the main character must take your revenge on the 5 people who murdered your Father and also become the next Kung-Fu master. To do complete these goals, you must go through 10 hours worth of Gameplay and finish missions. There are majorly 5 Main missions in Sifu, and each of them has a Boss, one person each who murdered your father. In this guide, I will show you the list of Missions in Sifu and the  Postgame content.

Sifu Missions List


missions list & postgame content in sifu

Like I have mentioned above, there are 5 main missions in Sifu and they are listed below. These are the main missions so if you don’t want to be spoiled, look away now. Are you still here? Nice, here are the missions in Sifu

  • The Squats – Fajar, The Botanist.
  • The Club – Sean, The Fighter.
  • The Museum – Kuroki, The Artist.
  • The Tower – Jinfeng, The CEO.
  • The Sanctuary – Yang, The Leader.


This seems like a small mission list for Sifu, right? On the surface it does but if you consider that you have to first learn how the game mechanics work and how long each mission will take, these 5 won’t feel as small. On top of that, you are encouraged to replay missions to complete them at a younger age as possible. So there is a lot to do.

Post Game Content in Sifu

After you complete the 5 main missions, there is still a lot of things you will have to do in Sifu for the Postgame content. Like, get every collectible, complete every Mission at the youngest age possible, and more. After you get everything, you will witness the True ending of Sifu. Do you want the ending? Now, where is the fun in that? Sifu is an amazing game and spoiling something special is not my thing. Although, get everything done in the game and you will experience something spectacular.


This was all about the Missions list in Sifu. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on How To Heal Your Health in Sifu.