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Sifu – How To Heal Your Health In The Game?

Learn how to heal your Health in Sifu through this guide.

Sifu is a Martial Arts based Beat’em Up game. Sifu is a bit different as being tactical and strategic with your attacks will be more rewarding than button smashing. Without the proper discipline, you will quickly lose your balance and start taking damage. If your Health Bar gets depleted completely, you will lose a life. So, how do you heal your Health in Sifu? In this guide, I will show you how to heal your Health in Sifu.

How to Heal your Health in Sifu?


heal by takedowns in sifu

There are only a couple of ways you can heal and preserve the Health you lost in Sifu. Both of them are Combat-related so you will have to be skillful to pull it off. The way you heal up is by performing Takedowns. A Takedown is a finisher move you can perform onto your enemies. As you whittle down your Foes’ health, you will be given a prompt to perform a Takedown. Once you execute it, it will give you a sliver of your Health, i.e. heal you in Sifu. It is the only method and may not help you instantly but will be beneficial in the long run.

Better than that is to preserve your Health in Sifu. You can do this by increasing your Structure. Structure in Sifu allows you to block for a longer period and in turn helps you to preserve your Health. It is an endurance skill that will help you take less damage. You can increase your Structure by spending EXP points at a Shrine. At the Shrine you can also upgrade the amount of Health you can Heal from every Takedown. This can be done multiple times throughout your playthrough.


This was all about Healing your Health in Sifu. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides on How To Dodge, Block, & Parry in Sifu.