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Should You Give The Artefact To Kith’rak In BG3?

Not sure about if you should give away the Artifact to Kith'rak or not in BG3, then here's all you need to know about it.

In BG3, you’ll again get a decision to make whether you should give the Artefact to Kith’rak or not. Like you, many players are wondering what would be the outcome of both decisions and which one they should side with. This mysterious artifact doesn’t seem to reveal anything about it but still many characters in the game are after it. And that makes the object automatically far more valuable in the game’s story. So allows us to put your mind at ease about whether should you give the artifact to Kith’rak or not in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Should I Give Kith’rak the Artefact in BG3?

Should I Give Kith’rak the Artefact in BG3 baldur's gate 3 what to do give or not artifact
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Giving or keeping the Artefact to Kith’rak will not change anything in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). The decision has no effect on the story nor changes the outcome of the decision you make. So if you choose to give up the Artifact, then Kith’rak will simply refuse to take it and you’ll still have it with you. Moreover, he’ll also be a little upset about how can you just choose to give away such a valuable object just like that. And will order Baretha to give you a swift death.

Apart from that, choosing to give away the Artefact can also ruin your relationship with your party members a bit. They’ll be surprised as Kith’rak was and your decisions may put cracks in their trust. But, that’ll not be the case with Lae’zel, as she’ll side with your decision of giving the Artifact. And that will further improve your relationship with her. That may also increase Lae’zel’s approval, taking you close to the option of romancing her in the game. Whereas, choosing to keep the object may raise the trust in the eyes of your party members.

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That covers everything about whether should you give the Artefact to Kith’rak or not in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). If you have grown your relationship with other characters yet, then check out how to romance Gale, Karlach, & Minthara. Also, take a look at the ways to farm Gold in BG3 quickly.