Starfield Shotgun Tier List – Best Shotguns Ranked

Check out this tier list guide to know the best shotguns you can equip for your character build in Starfield.

In Starfield, there are a variety of shotguns available for players, and having the best ones will help you deal heavy damage and survive enemy assault. They will make close combat easy while dealing with enemies from numerous factions in the game. Not to mention, players can further upgrade their weapons with the mods available to improve stats like damage output, magazine, accuracy, etc. Having the right shotgun according to your character build will help you make the most out of it. Each shotgun comes with its unique characteristics and stats. If you are wondering which one to equip and is the best one amongst them all, then here is a tier list guide you can check out further as we will rank the shotguns from best to worst in Starfield.

Starfield Shotgun Tier List

best shotguns ranked in starfield

The tier list below contains all the shotguns in Starfield that you will come across during your space adventures. We have ranked them from best to worst according to their stats and abilities. The ranks are divided from S Tier to C Tier, where S Tier is the absolute best shotgun you can have. So with that being said here is a list of all of the shotguns:

S Tier Shotguns in Starfield (Best)

In this tier, you will find the absolute best shotguns in Starfield that you can use to deal extensive damage and eliminate your enemies:

  • Boom Boom
    • Fire Rate: 60
    • Magazine: 20
    • Range: 25
    • Accuracy: 43.3%
    • Value: 18113
    • Mods: 8 Available

The boom boom will randomly switch to explosive rounds and deal high damage to your enemies in the game. This makes it one of the two best shotguns to have.

  • Big Bang
    • Fire Rate: 14
    • Magazine: 8
    • Range: 20
    • Accuracy: 54.7%
    • Value: 12870
    • Mods: 7 Available

With it being a particle beam shotgun, the big bang along with its accuracy will make the most out of your character build. It does physical as well as energy damage to your enemies.

A Tier

In this tier you will find shotguns that almost made the cut for being the best in the game:

  • Breach
    • Fire Rate: 10
    • Magazine: 8
    • Range: 20
    • Accuracy: 55.3%
    • Value: 10170
    • Mods: 8 Available
  • Shotty
    • Fire Rate: 60
    • Magazine: 12
    • Range: 20
    • Accuracy: 35.2%
    • Value: 10591
    • Mods: 8 Available
  • Experiment A-7
    • Fire Rate: 10
    • Magazine: 6
    • Range: 20
    • Accuracy: 50.6%
    • Value: 14965
    • Mods: 8 Available

B Tier

The B tier consists of shotguns that you will find beginner-friendly and can be used early in the game:

  • Rapidshot
    • Fire Rate: 18
    • Magazine: 6
    • Range: 24
    • Accuracy: 56.9%
    • Value: 22543
    • Mods: 8 Available
  • Old Earth Shotgun
    • Fire Rate: 6
    • Magazine: 6
    • Range: 20
    • Accuracy: 56.3%
    • Value: 2870
    • Mods: 5 Available

C Tier

  • Coachman
    • Fire Rate: 47
    • Magazine: 2
    • Range: 20
    • Accuracy: 38.4%
    • Value: 1650
    • Mods: 7 Available
  • Pacifier
    • Fire Rate: 20
    • Magazine: 7
    • Range: 20
    • Accuracy: 45.0%
    • Value: 4590
    • Mods: 7 Available

As mentioned before S Tier contains the best shotguns you will come across in Starfield. As you go down the list you will find weapons great under certain situations and some that you might find beginner-friendly. The C tier contains Shotguns that you should steer away from after using them early in the game.

That’s everything covered on Starfield Best Shotgun Tier List. If you find this guide helpful, check out the Starfield Backgrounds Tier List to choose the best one in the game. We would recommend you to go through our Starfield section for more interesting guides on the space action RPG.