Gacha Club: How To Get Shizu

Want to unlock Shizu? here is a guide to help you get one of the best in game character in Gacha Club.

In Gacha Club, characters also referred to as units have different unique skills and abilities in the game. All the unit characters belong to one of these 6 elements; water, wind, fire, light, dark, corrupted, and DJ, which is also visible by their appearance. Some elements are strong and weak against certain aspects. Shizu is one such unit from Dark Gacha, considered to be one of the strongest with the highest damage in the game. If you are looking for ways to unlock her, this guide will you get Shizu in Gacha Club.

How to Get Shizu from Dark Unit in Gacha Club

how to unloxk shizu from Dark Gacha in gacha club

In Gacha Club you can get Shizu by using gems to draw her in the Gacha banner, All the banners have different drop rates for the units. The best banner is Ticket Gacha with a 90% drop rate for the units and 10% for a legendary unit. While different Gacha banners have a 1-4% drop rate for units.

Although Dark Gacha Pulls is the best way with the highest chance of getting Shizu, head to the Gacha banner and select Dark Gacha. You can use gems collected by battle and other game means like watching ads to do Gacha Pulls.

About Shizu

As mentioned earlier, Shizu is from the Dark element available through Dark Gacha in Gacha Club. She is both powerful and weak against light since she is a dark unit.

The best strategy to use her is when facing a bunch of minions from any element. Because she has the highest basic attack stat in the game, which is 200b (due to +50 damage first level up, then about +25 damage for each level up proceeding.

You can unlock more such units using the same procedure and just changing the elements from the Gacha banner to the element you desire the unit from. That’s everything covered for how to get Shizu in Gacha Club. If you find this guide helpful, check out our articles on the best Gacha games to play on iOS and Android, or learn here to import characters in Gacha Club.