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Shiny Yveltal In Pokemon GO (2022)

Check out our guide to know everything about the shiny Yveltal in Pokemon GO.

Ever since the release of Yveltal in Pokemon GO, the entire community has been wondering about its shiny form. Unfortunately, as of now, the shiny Yveltal is not available. On the brighter side, players might get an opportunity to get its shiny version during a future season event. But how and where to get this shiny? Not to worry, check out our guide to know everything about the upcoming Shiny Yveltal in Pokemon GO.

Can Yveltal be Shiny In Pokemon GO (2022)

The answer to that question is Yes. With the release of the Season of Light 2022, players will be able to capture it in five-star raids from September 27 to October 8th, 2022. While Yveltal did not have a shiny form in the past, it will feature one after this. But the only issue with shiny Pokemon is that they are too rare to encounter in wild. The most chances to get shiny Yveltal would be to keep on grinding on the five-star raids. As you go through different raids, leave the rest to the RNG system to encounter them. This might be a bit time-consuming but it is the best way to capture shiny Pokemon.

Once you encounter Yveltal, you need to battle them to capture them. Yveltal is weak against the Fairy, Rock, Electric, and Ice element types. So, make sure to use those element attacks against this Pokemon to defeat it.

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Speaking of its appearance, it is quite different from the normal one. While the normal Yveltal has black stripes all over its body, its shiny version has white stripes.

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