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Best Pokemon Against Persian In Pokemon Go

Which Pokemon should you use against Persian in Pokemon Go? Here are the best options.

You will encounter Persian while fighting against Giovanni, the head of Team Rocket. You have to defeat all three Pokemon of Giovanni which includes Persian. Persian is a normal type Pokemon which makes it most vulnerable against fighting type Pokemon. Below is the list of few fighting type Pokemon that can help you tame Persian and claim your victory over it.

Which Pokemon are the Best Against Persian in Pokemon Go?


best counters persian pokemon go


machamp best pokemon against persian


Machamp is one of the best options you have against Persian. This is a fighting type Pokemon which is a weakness of Persian, as mentioned earlier. Several combination attacks of Machamp can prove fatal to Persian such as Counter + Cross chop, Counter + Dynamic Punch, Close Combat + Counter. Another reason to pick Machamp is it can resist the attack types used by Persian which are dark, normal and rock upto some extent, which means you have a chance of survival until the next pokemon arrives in battle.


conkeldurr against persian


Conkeldurr is also a fighting type Pokemon, similar to Machamp. With the help of its abilities combined with the move sets, Conkeldurr can cause considerable damage to Persian. Another reason that adds to the strength of Conkeldurr is its hidden ability, Iron fist, which causes nearly 20% more damage while performing ‘Punching moves’. Similar to Machamp, even Conkeldurr repels the dark, normal and rock type attacks upto a certain extent.


lucario pokemon go


Lucario can be a tough opponent for Persian due to being a fighting type Pokemon. The combination moves used by Lucario are not only effective but also fatal to pin Persian down. Lucario, similar to Machamp and Conkeldurr can endure the attack moves of Persian upto some extent. Overall, Lucario can be your helping hand in defeating Persian while facing Giovanni.


tyranitar against persian

Tyranitar is one of the fiercest pokemon there is. It possesses a bold nature that makes it even more dangerous. It can hurt impolitely and cause sandstorms with its ability ‘Sand Stream’. Tyranitar’s hidden ability is to unnerve the opponent. It makes the opponent a tad nervous, apart from its appearance. The reason Tyranitar is lower on this list is because Tyranitar’s one of the weaknesses is Fairy type attacks.

Persian uses a move called ‘Play Rough’ which is a fairy type attack and can cause relevant damage to Tyranitar. Also, Tyranitar isn’t a fighting type Pokemon instead, it is a dark and rock type Pokemon unlike the others on the list which makes it less efficient as compared to the other Pokemon on the list.

Apart from these Pokemon, you can use any fighting type Pokemon and master the skills to defeat Persian and later Giovanni. While you are here, don’t miss our other Pokemon Go guides to stay informed about the evolutions, movesets and counters for various Pokemon.