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Shenmue 3 How To Sell Herbs & Learn About Herb Maps

Are you trying to stock up on some Herb Sets to sell or maybe you already have them? In this guide learn how to sell Herbs in Shenmue 3.

In Shenmue 3 you can sell herbs to get a decent amount of money. While it isn’t the best way to earn money in this game it is definitely an effective one. And you also get three achievements for collecting herbs. So whether you are trying to 100% complete this game for achievements, or trying to make a buck knowing how to sell herbs is useful. That’s why check this guide to learn how to sell herbs in Shenmue 3 and learn about herb maps.

How to Sell Herbs in Shenmue 3

how to sell herbs in shenmue 3

  1. Go to the Tao-Get Store and talk to Tao Guanzhong.
  2. Here you get two options Shop or Split wood. Choose Shop.
  3. Next, you get three options to buy, sell and cancel. Here choose Sell.
  4. Tao Guanzhong will tell you he will buy herbs from you.
  5. Select the herbs you wish to sell from the Herb Sets tab on the menu and sell them.

How to get Herb Maps in Shenmue 3

You can get Herb maps in Shenmue 3 by purchasing them from the stores. There is also a way to get your first two Herb maps for free.

  1. Head to the Bailu village.
  2. Go to the Poster stand to pick up your free maps.
  3. You can find the Poster Stand outside the Tao-Get Store.

Once you get the maps you can use them to find the herbs that are in the Bailu village. You can also find some herbs outside the village. There are 3 achievements for collecting herbs and they are:

  • Wild Wild Plant Hoarder: Collect all herbs you can find in Bailu.
  • Wild Wild Plant Master: Collect all herbs you can find in Niaowu.
  • Expert Herbalist: Collect all the herbs available in the game.

So if you are trying to get the above achievements the herb maps can be useful.

That covers everything you need to know about herb maps & how to sell herbs in Shenmue 3. While picking herbs might be fun, you should check out our guide on how to make money fast. And if you are looking to do something new then you should learn how to fish in Shenmue 3.