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Shenmue 3 How To Make Lots Of Money Fast

Looking for ways to quickly make money in Shenmue 3? This guide will help you out.

There are several ways you can make money in Shenmue 3. You can do that by gambling, fishing, chopping woods, selling herbs, and more. But not all of them give you the same amount of money not to mention the difference in speeds for earning them. So in this guide let us learn the best way to make money fast in Shenmue 3. Also, learn about the other ways you can earn money in-game.

How to Make Money fast in Shenmue 3

how to make money in shenmue 3

The best and the fastest way of earning lots of money in Shenmue 3 is by playing Flower, Bird, Wind, and Moon minigame. Use the tokens you earn from this game to buy gems and sell them to to the pawnbroker. Let’s take a look at the best methods you can use to earn money in Shenmue 3.

  • Earn Tokens from Flower, Bird, Wind, and Moon minigame:
    1. Get Gambling Tokens from Zhong Zilu’s Stand. You can spend these tokens both at Bailu & Niaowu.
    2. Go to the Fortune teller and learn about your lucky color.
    3. Next, go to the Gambling area and play the Flower, Bird, Wind, and Moon minigame.
    4. Bet the tokens on your lucky color.
      • Flower = red
      • Bird = green
      • Wind = blue
      • Moon = yellow
    5. The best thing to do here is to save your game before you gamble. So if you lose reload the save. If you win save it and continue gambling from there.
    6. Remember, lucky color effects will only last for in-game two hours. So be sure to play the game as soon as you get the reading. Also once the two-hour time is up get a new reading, before continuing to play.
    7. Once you are satisfied with your wins, cash the tokens for gems in the prize exchange.
    8. Sell your gems to the pawnbroker to get Yuan.
  • Chop woods:
    If you are not too far in the game or if gambling isn’t for you then you should try this method.

    1. Go to the Tao Get Store and talk to Tao Guanzhong.
    2. Here you can play a minigame in which you chop logs.
    3. You get money here based on the number of logs you chop.
  • Pick & Sell Herbs:
    1. Use the herb maps to collect the herbs.
    2. You can sell them at the Tao-Get store to Tao Guanzhong.

That sums up this guide on how to make money in Shenmue 3. Since you are playing this game you should also check our guide on how to fish in Shenmue 3.