Should Shadowheart Save Or Kill Her Parents In Baldur’s Gate 3?

We’ll explain the emotional and story implications of whether Shadowheart should save her parents or kill them in BG3.

In Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3, Shadowheart faces one of her most difficult choices as the truth about her mysterious past is revealed. After unraveling the secrets of her family within the House of Grief, Shadowheart must now decide what to do with the parents she discovers there. Now you stand at a crossroads—can you save Shadowheart’s parents in BG3?

Can you Save Shadowheart’s Parents in BG3?

The best choice depends on Shadowheart's character progression in BG3.

One of the important decisions Shadowheart faces in Baldur’s Gate 3 is whether to save or kill her parents. Both choices come with significant consequences for Shadowheart’s story and emotional state.

If Shadowheart Kills Her Parents:

  • Her parents’ spirits will remain with her, allowing her to feel their presence still.
  • It breaks the curse Shar has held over Shadowheart, potentially freeing her from Shar’s control.
  • Her father explicitly asks her to do this to free herself from Shar.

However, killing her parents is what Shar wants. If Shadowheart has already killed Nightsong in Act 2, carrying out Shar’s bidding reinforces her hold over Shadowheart.

If Shadowheart Saves Her Parents:

  • She is reunited with them, and they help her feel stronger against Shar’s curse.
  • It defies Shar’s will, showing Shadowheart’s growing independence.
  • They have a chance at life rather than being killed.

The best choice depends on Shadowheart’s character progression. If the goal is to remove Shadowheart’s curse permanently, then killing her parents is the best choice. By killing them, they will turn into Moon Motes that guide others.

If making Shadowheart happily reunited with her family is the priority, then saving her parents is best. You will need to pass a high religion or persuasion check for Shadowheart to refuse to kill them.

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