How To Set World Spawn In Minecraft

Here is how you set your World Spawn in Minecraft.

Minecraft has many unique game mechanics, one of them being the Spawn Mechanic. Your bed was broken in an unfortunate incident and you just died. You end up spawning at World Spawn which is thousands of blocks away from your base. Today I will show you how you can set your World Spawn in Minecraft wherever you want.

How to set World Spawn in Minecraft


A World Spawn Point in Minecraft is where all players will spawn for the first time. This applies to when you login in for the first time or if you have not used a bed. You will spawn on the World Spawn or around it. World Spawns are usually in safe biomes but not where most players would like it to be. In such cases, you want to change where the World Spawn would be. This is very helpful in Multiplayer Servers like SMPs and its like. There are multiple ways of doing so, the easiest way is by using Commands. You can also use Data packs, Command Blocks, and other means.

What are the Commands?

Here is what you need to do, firstly make a server. After that go to your settings and click on Open To LAN. Nextly, select to Allow Cheats and Start LAN World. This will allow you to type and execute Commands in Minecraft. Now go to the location you want to set the World Spawn. Now open up the chatbox and type these commands:

/setworldspawn ~ ~ ~
/gamerule spawnRadius 0

The first command will be the World Spawn. the “~ ~ ~” is your position on the X, Y, and Z Axises respectively. You can perform the command without “~ ~ ~” but it will take your current position in 3D space. The “~ ~ ~” lets you specify the Position you want. The second command will reduce the Spawn Radius around the World Spawn to 0. Spawn Radius is basically the area where you will randomly spawn near the World Spawn. The default Spawn Radius in Minecraft is 21×21 Blocks. So with the second command, you make it 0. Note that you should set the World Spawn after making any decorative or terraforming changes on the location of the to be World Spawn.

This was all about the World Spawn in Minecraft. Hopefully, this has helped you in setting your World Spawn in Minecraft easily. You can also check our guides on Cobblestone Generators and Best Faction Servers in Minecraft.