10 Best Faction Servers In Minecraft

Are you looking for the best faction servers in Minecraft? Check out this article to see the top 10 servers in this game.

Faction servers are made by groups of players in Minecraft who claim a certain piece of land to make their bases on, and the best servers are the ones you should join. It can be quite difficult to choose which server you should join, and in this article, we’ve made the choice easier by narrowing it down to the 10 best faction servers in Minecraft.

Top 10 Best Faction Servers in Minecraft

best minecraft faction servers

Purple Prison

The Purple Prison is rated as one of the best Faction servers in Minecraft, and rightly so. When playing in this server, you will receive custom plugins that include mining tokens and large tokens too!

Additionally, the server also lets you play even if you use a Minecraft version that is lower than 1.16.4. This makes it quite an accessible server for many players of the game.

  • The IP for Purple Prison is purpleprison.org

Mox MC Faction Servers

The Mox MC also makes its way into this list of the best faction servers in Minecraft. Joining this server will give you a powerful PvP kit for absolutely free! This kit will have potions, gear, and many other amazing items.

Additionally, this faction also features a custom auction house system. Here, you will be able to earn money by auctioning items of high value. These items can be auctioned to everyone on the server. At the same time, you will also be able to bid on items that have been put up for sale by other players on the server.

  • The IP for Mox MC is MOXMC.NET


The Herobrine is a Minecraft network that features several different servers like skyblock, bed wars, sky wars, and survival among others.

  • The IP for this server is herobrine.org


MassiveCraft has always claimed to be the original Minecraft Faction server. this is most likely true, considering the fact that it first came into existence nearly 10 years ago. It was also created by people who were a part of the team that developed the first factions plugin.

This means that the MassiveCraft faction is one of the best you will find in the game. It features custom items, questlines, mobs, and even bosses!

  • The IP for MassiveCraft is Massivecraft.com


The Archon is one of the largest faction servers you can find in the game. It has thousands of players that actively play across its network daily. It has also been around for nearly 8 years.

The Archon is also a very competitive server. It offers cash prizes that can go as high as thousands of dollars every season to the best factions. Archon places its primary focus on a PvP culture as well as TNT raiding.

  • The IP for Archon is archonhq.net

ManaCube Faction Servers

The ManaCube is a premium network in Minecraft that offers its players features like Kit PvP, Parkour, Creative, Skyblock, Survival, and Olympus Prison among others. Additionally, the server will also have weekly tournaments and global events, making sure you never get bored of the gameplay experience.

  • The IP for ManaCube is play.manacube.net

Viper MC

The Viper MC faction draws nearly 10,000 players at the beginning of a new map. It has been engineered to be as competitive as possible, meaning it is an unforgiving faction. If you die in the Viper MC, you will receive a deathban. This means you will be prohibited from entering the server for a specific amount of time. If you die too many times in such a server, you will become vulnerable to raids from other players. This means you will stand to lose all of your possessions.

  • The IP address for Viper MC is vipermc.com


The VanityMC too is quite a competitive server. It constantly updates itself with new information and content to keep the gameplay experience as fresh as possible. This server also boasts of having a professional management team with mods and administrators. To add to these features, the VanityMC also has its own Discord server. This makes communication in the community a much smoother task.

  • The IP for VanityMC is play.vanitymc.co

Cosmic PvP Faction Servers

The Cosmic PvP network consists of several different individual faction servers. Each of them are completely different and independent from each other, and they are known as planets. Currently, there are three such planets, and each of them has hundreds of players.

When playing in the Cosmic PvP, you will also have the opportunity to use a custom client called the Cosmic Client. Inside this client, you will find multiple optimizations for PvP FPS. Additionally, you can also implement custom textures, voice chats, and minimaps too.

  • The IP for Cosmic PvP is cosmicpvp.com

Mineland Network

This network boasts of high-quality game modes, along with exciting quests to keep the experience vibrant.

On top of all of that, you will also stand to receive skins that work for all players. The plug-ins and modes have been designed independently, with a focus on quality. It also has an anti-cheat feature too.

Mineland features more than 6 creative servers, where you can build whatever you want. You can also get your friends to join in the action. This network also has its own World Rating System.

  • The IP for Mineland is fly.join-ml.com

These were 10 of the best Minecraft Faction Servers. By joining these servers, you will stand the chance to get some great items and freebies. Along with this, you will be able to enjoy building some great environments with your friends. You will need to remember that some of these factions tend to be a little competitive, so be prepared to give your best when you do join one of them.

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