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Best Minecraft Servers For Bedwars [2023]

Find the 5 best Minecraft servers for BedWars.

Bedwars is a very popular mode in Minecraft that involves players destroying the beds of their enemies, and there are several servers to play this mode on. Players can keep coming back to life until their beds are destroyed. In Minecraft, you might be wondering what servers are the best to enjoy this mode of the game. If so, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will walk you through the 5 best servers for the BedWars mode.

5 Best Minecraft Servers for Bedwars

Herobrine.org (mc.herobrine.org) Bedwars Server Minecraft


Herobrine.org is one of the best Minecraft servers you can find for Bedwars, and rightly so. This particular server offers you the opportunity to take part in other modes too, such as sky wars, survival, skyblock, and factions. Recently, there have also been updates that have helped the gaming experience get even better.

BlockDrop (bedwars.games)


BlockDrop is one of the fastest-growing server networks for BedWars. The best part about this server is the fact that it is open to players of both, the cracked as well as the regular version of the game. It is compatible beginning from the 1.8 version to the latest version. Besides all of these advantages, you also receive the opportunity to fully customize modes like Bedwars, Survival, and Skyblock among others.

Twerion (twerion.net)


This is a Bedwars server from Germany, with hundreds of active users. While Twerion does offer other Minecraft modes, they have a special focus on Bedwars. This results in the presence of an ever-active lobby that is always available to players. Just like BlockDrop, this server also offers players of both, the cracked as well as regular versions of the game the ability to enjoy the mode.

Sky Kingdoms (sky-network.eu)


Just like the other servers in this list, Sky Kingdoms offers you the opportunity to play other modes apart from BedWars too. This is also one of the most popular servers in the game.

JartexNetwork (top.jartex.fun)


JartexNetwork is a cracked server that offers players of both the regular and cracked versions to experience modes like Skywars, OP Prisons, Custom Skyblock, TheBridge, and Bedwars among others.

These are the 5 best Minecraft servers for Bedwars. As you can see, some of these servers even offer the ability to allow players of the cracked version to play. Doing so enhances the popularity of the servers and makes them much more fun to play on.

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