How To Make A Cobblestone Generator In Minecraft (Step By Step Guide)

Learn how to make a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft from this guide.

Cobblestone is one of those blocks that players tend to have a lot of but not usually the one that everyone seeks to get it. Cobblestone is a very common block and in this guide, I am going to show you how you can create a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft.

How to Make a Cobblestone or Stone Generator in Minecraft

cobblestone generator
Image Source – Mysticat on Youtube

As mentioned above, Cobblestone is a very common item in the game. It will most likely be your Third or Fourth block type that you will encounter. Although it is common, it isn’t something you look for. When you do need it, mining for it could be a waste as there are better ways of obtaining Cobblestone in Minecraft. Obviously, I am talking about Cobblestone Generators. There are many ways of making a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft and some even involve Redstone. The ones with Redstone can generate thousands upon thousands of Cobblestone but they are equally as complicated. I believe in little is a lot so here is a simple way of making a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft.

What Material do you need for the Stone Generator?

For this farm, you will need 2 Water Buckets, 4 Lava Buckets, 4 Hoppers, 4 Stairs (use the ones that don’t burn), 8 Chests or 4 Double Chests, a Wooden Sign, and a lot of building blocks (use the ones that don’t burn). For Building Blocks you can use any decorative blocks that aren’t made of Wood or Wool. Now that we have the materials, let’s build them up.

  • First, place the Chests in 2×8 grids such that they become Double Chests.
  • Go to the side of the Chests and place a Hopper facing towards the Double Chest for each of them.
  • Now surround what you have built with your choice of Building Blocks in one layer, here I will use Smooth Stone but you can use whatever you want.
  • Surround the Chests and Hoppers such that you can access the Chests later.
  • Now stack another layer of Smooth Stone in the same manner as the previous one.
  • Place the Stairs in such a way that it makes a box where the Stairs are facing inwards. This is important.
  • Now Waterlog the Stairs. Since you have 2 Buckets, you can make an Infinite Water Source. The Water has to flow from the Stairs to the top of the Hoppers.
  • Again stack the Smooth Stone but now you have to make a box shape instead of the C-shape from before.
  • Now you can place the Lava inside of the Box. You can use one Bucket but using 4 will make it look nicer and neat.
  • Your farm is now complete, all you have to do is go to one of the ends of the farm and break the Central Block.
  • You should see a Stone Block which means you have made the farm correctly.
  • Place the Wooden Sign on the inside wall of your Building Block, this stops the Water or Lava from flowing out.
  • Now you can start farming.

You can AFK on the Cobblestone Generator with a Mouse clicker or you can mine for a while. Depending on how long you will farm you will get that much Cobblestone. This farm is simple yet it will give you a lot of yields. Hopefully, this guide has helped you make a successful Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft. You can also check out our guides like making a Fire Resistance Potion and Flaming Arrows in Minecraft.