How to Get And Use Flaming Arrows in Minecraft

Here is how you can obtain Flaming Arrows in Minecraft.

Minecraft has a plethora of weapons that players can use in their Raids, Mob Fights, PVP Battles or Defeating the game Bosses like the Wither or the Ender Dragon. Among those weapons, Arrows might be the most versatile of them all. Here I am going to tell you how you can get and use Flaming Arrows in Minecraft.

How to Get Flaming Arrows in Minecraft

flaming arrow in minecraft

There are two ways you can get Flaming Arrows in Minecraft. One way is to use the Flame Enchantment on a Bow and the second one is to shoot an Arrow through Lava. This Enchantment grants every Arrow it shoots the Flame attribute which ignites any mob and player on fire, this excludes fire-resistant mobs and players with the Fire Resistance effect or Fire Protection armour. You achieve this by getting a Flame Enchanted Book and a Bow to an Anvil. Combine the two and you have a Flaming Arrow shooting Bow. The Flame Enchantment can only be applied to a Bow, Crossbows cannot be enchanted by Flame.

Although there is a way for Crossbows to shoot Flaming Arrows. By shooting through a block of Lava, you can get the Flaming effect on the Arrow in Minecraft. You will need to set up an area where you can do this but it achieves the same thing. You can do this with Crossbows, Bows and also Dispensers. Shooting Arrows through Lava not only allows you to shoot Flaming Arrows but also helps you automate it. Think of it as a Turret. For a Turret of sorts, you need a lot of prep time and a decent knowledge of Redstone but the rewards are worth it.

What are Its uses?

Like a Fire Aspect Sword, any mobs with a Flaming Arrow, which drop Raw Food Items, will cook the item. As long as it dies of Fire Damage only. Flaming Arrows, as the name implies, does Fire Damage to any Mob that isn’t in the water, is Fire Resistant or has Fire Protection. Although you can’t burn blocks with Flaming arrows you can, however, ignite TNT.

This was all about Flaming Arrows in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide helped you in making some crazy contraption that rains Flaming Arrows on your enemies. You can also check our guides on Spectral Arrows and Sugarcane Farms.