Are WoW Classic Servers Down? World of Warcraft Server Status

Unable to login into WoW Classic? Their servers might be down you should check out their server status.

Facing connection issues and server problems? There’s a chance that WoW Classic servers are down and here’s how to check the game’s server status. Connection issues are bound to happen occasionally for such games. But knowing if the problem is with your game or on the server side can help you solve it faster.

Are WoW Classic Servers Down? How to Check Server Status

World of Warcraft Classic Servers Down check Status

The best place to check if the game’s servers are down is by going to their official Realm Status website. Here you get to check the status of all three versions of the game that is WoW, WoW Classic, and WoW WotLKC. The site also gives you features to change the region between the Americas & Oceania, Europe, Korea, and Taiwan. Change the Locale and manually search a Realm to find its status.

Aside from the above method you can also check the status here:

  • Check Downdetector: Downdetector is another good place to see if there are any issues going on in the game. It tells you all the problems reported by other players in the last 24 hours.
  • Follow Blizzard Twitter: You can check out @BlizzardCS to see if the servers are down. Here you can also find updates on if any maintenance schedules are planned and if the game is about to be down for some time.

Troubleshooting Tips for World Of Warcraft Classic Connection Issue

If you check the above sources and find the servers are down then it is best if you wait for them to fix it. But if the servers are fine then here are some ways you can fix your game.

  • Check your Internet: There is a chance the game might not be able to connect to the servers because your internet might be slow. Do a speed test to check your connection to see if the problem is at your end.
  • Refresh your Internet: If your internet is bad then you can simply refresh your connection to improve it. Plug out your Ethernet cable and plug it in after a few seconds to refresh your wired connection. And if you play wirelessly then you can simply restart your router. After refreshing try playing the game and see if you still get the issues.

Using the above methods you should have no trouble checking the server status of WoW Classic. For more help on this game, you should check out our World of Warcraft Classic section. Here you can get help on topics like Dungeon & Raid Levels Requirement List, Mining Guide, and more.