WoW Classic Mining Guide – How to Reach from Level 1 to 300?

I am going to share some useful tips that will help you to level up your mining talent.

Want to level up fast from 1 to 300 in your Mining profession in Classic WoW then this guide is for you. Mining will help you to unlock new levels of two different professions in WoW Classic. They are Blacksmithing and Engineering. If you can level up in these two professions fast it will help you a lot in the game. You can separately level by picking any of the one profession. Miners’ objective is to farm ore and gems from ore nodes. They are scattered around Azeroth. Miners will farm them to smelt them into bars that can help you in four different professions of WoW Classic. They are Blacksmithing, Engineering, Alchemy, and Enchanting. One way to find minerals is to use the spell Find Minerals. Using this spell will mark down the minerals on the mini-map and you can track them down easily with minimum effort.

Mining Leveling Guide – Classic WoW

WoW Classic Mining Guide

I am going to share some useful tips that will help you to speed up your mining leveling. There is a bit of grinding involved in it, but if you are looking for help on how to reach from Level 1 to Level 300 then keep following this guide. If can understand how the entire mining thing works, were you to find the proper minerals, which are the least important, then it becomes easier to level up.

Why Mining is Important?

  1. Resources farmed with Mining and regents crafted with Smelting are beneficial for Blacksmithing & Engineering. Some are used for Alchemy and Enchanting.
  2. Mined resources are also required in many quests in WoW Classic. The same goes for Smelting, some of the important quests will remain incomplete without this process.

How to Mine?

You can buy a Mining Pick from Vendors, it is used for collecting minerals. Find Mineral ability that reveals locations of useful resources will be acquired with the Mining profession. Players will earn skill points when they perform certain activities in WoW Classic. For example activities or items in Orange will always grant a skill point. Yellow will frequently grant skill points while Green won’t guarantee the same. But if you are lucky you will get one, Gray ones have no skill points rewards. These color codes will help you to pick the right resources and focus on those where you can unlock more points.

The challenge is to find the right location where max minerals spawn. Commo locations to explore if you have no clue is near hills, mountains, borders, caves, or mines. Another problem is if you are on a lower level you cannot farm high-level items. Check the zone stats before entering a new region. You might waste your time in this process. Always enter with higher-level skills so that you do not return empty hands.

What is Smelting?

You can turn the ore’s into bars using Smelting. It is an active process for Blacksmiths to craft bars required for different recipes. Certain quests in the WoW classic will require bars that can be crafted via smelting. The problem with Minerals is that you cannot auto-farm them. You will have to hit the nodes multiple times to break and pull out the ore from them. Items like ore, stone, gems, etc require multiple hits and it is useful if you can get some help. Playing in a party and raiding in multiple-player is the best way to gather a huge amount of resources in WoW Classic.

Mining Trainers Locations

Mining Trainers can teach you more about the mining profession. You will have to find them to unlock new levels of mining in WoW Classic. I am going to share the location of different trainers long with their co-ordinates. This will save your time and effort to level up fast in Mining.

  1. Gadgetzan – Tanaris (51, 28)
  2. Thelsamar – Brock Stoneseeker (37.2, 46.8) (Alliance)
  3. Dun Morogh (Gol’Bolar Quarry) – Dank Drizzle (69.2, 55.4) (Alliance)
  4. Duskwood (Darkshire) – Matt Johnson (74, 49.6) (Alliance)
  5. The Great Forge (Ironforge) – Geofram Bouldertoe (50.4, 26) (Alliance)
  6. Dwarven District (Stormwind City) – Gelman Stonehand (51, 17.2) (Alliance)
  7. Steelgrill’s Depot (Dun Morogh) – Yarr Hammerstone (50, 50.2) (Alliance)
  8. Auberdine (Darkshore) – Kurdram Stonehammer (38.2, 41) (Alliance)
  9. Central Bluff (Thunder Bluff) – Brek Stonehoof (34.6, 57.6) (Horde)
  10. Razor Hill (Durotar) – Krunn  (51.8, 40.8) (Horde)
  11. Valley of Honor (Orgrimmar) – Makaru (73, 26.4) (Horde)
  12. War Quarter (Undercity) – Brom Killian (56, 37) (Horde)
  13. Sepulcher (Silverpine Forest) – Johan Focht (43.4, 40.6) (Horde)

Mining Locations

To give exact locations for all regions is quite not possible here. But the best thing I can do is provide you the videos where you can get an overview of where to look for. With this, you will also get additional tips about Mining in WoW Classic.

The video above will give you a clear idea of how to reach from 1 to 300 in Mining. Try to focus more on the part of the route so that you know where exactly to look. Skip to 2.00 to learn about the mining routes. Later you can further see more about mining important ores like Copper, Tin, Iron, Mithril, Small Thorium, Dark Iron Ore, and Rich Thorium.

This video shares screenshots of proper routes for mining. Skip to 3:25 to know more or check the Leveling 1-300 in the video description. Once you have an idea where exactly to look the process of finding mineral ores will be a lot easier. You can also learn about Mining Recipes, Quests, Enchants, and gears in the above video.

So this is how you can level up faster in mining in WoW Classic. If you are looking for more help on this game then you can check out the guide on 14 Best WoW Classic Addons. On your way to explore various minerals, you will encounter different zones guarded by enemies. The add-ons here will help you to unlock new features in combat, improve the game UI, and do other changes.