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Are Genshin Impact Servers Down? How To Check Server Status

Trying to play Genshin Impact but are unable to connect? You should check the game's Server Status.

Nothing can be more frustrating than when you decide to play your favorite game but are unable to. Genshin Impact players are no stranger to this feeling as a lot of times the game undergoes maintenance which causes the servers to go down. The servers can also be down due to outages or other issues. So in this guide let us take a look at how to check the server status in Genshin Impact.

How to Check Genshin Impact Server Status

how to check genshin impact server status

At the time of writing this article, the game has a new update of v2.2 going on. So if you are facing issues right now it could be because of this. These types of game updates often require the servers to go under maintenance and facing server down issues is normal in these cases. If this isn’t the case and you are still facing server issues then you must look at these places to get the latest update about the server status.

  • Check out the official @Genshin Impact on Twitter for the latest tweets from them. Here, you can find out if there are any problems with the server or if it is under maintenance.
  • You can check PlayStation Network to see if they’re having any issues.
  • Visit Downdetector to get the latest updates about all the reported connection issues.
  • Check the notices in-game, if you managed to log in to the game but are facing issues while playing the game.

Genshin Impact Servers Down?

If the game’s servers are down then you can do nothing about it. The only choice left with is you is to wait. But in case the servers aren’t down you can try some of these fixes.

  • Restart the game: Restarting the game can help you get into the game.
  • Check your connection: There is a chance the game works fine but your internet might be giving you issues. You can check your internet connection by doing a speed test or playing some other online game.
  • Refresh your connection: If you are playing with a wired connection try plugging out the cable wait for a few seconds and plug it in. As for wireless connection try rebooting your router.

That covers this guide on how to check the server status of Genshin Impact. If you like playing this game be sure to check our other guide on how to fix notices not working on Genshin Impact.