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Discord Down Detector – Check Discord Server Status (2022)

Failed to load messages or having problems logging in? Discord could be down. Here's how to check the server status.

Why are Discord Servers down? You might be wondering what’s wrong. Well, there might be an outage and problems or they might be making server improvements. So, if you can’t log in, and messages and images won’t load, chances are that Discord is not working. Whenever this happens, the devs will already be working on it. But what to do when Discord servers are down and how to check server status? Here’s how to stay updated.

Discord Server Status – Are Servers Down Right Now?


First, make sure that it’s not your internet connection that’s giving you this problem. If you think that the login issues and the messages not loading issue is due to an unstable internet connection, reset your router and check again. In case it doesn’t work, then it could be a server-side problem.

how do you check discord server status

Down Detector


Check Downdetector.com which is a website that will let you know of any outages reported in the last 24 hours. In the graph they provide, there will be a spike and if that’s the case, all you can do is wait. There’s nothing you can do from your end. It’s a server connection problem that will affect the Discord website as well as app.

Discord Status

There’s also discordstatus.com that will inform you about similar server outage-related updates.


Apart from this, you can check social media sites like Twitter and Reddit for any updates. The official @Discord Twitter account can share updates related to issues or maintenance period. If you want to stay fully updated, turn on the notifications of this account and you will know them as soon as they share them.

So, that’s basically how to check the server status if Discord servers are down. Once the app and website is up and running again, you can check out our list of the best Discord music bots that still work. And for more tips and tricks, visit our Discord guides section.