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Discord Messages Failed To Load Error (Fix)

If you are having problems with Discord messages failing to load and service being unavailable, here's what you need to know.

Are you facing issues with Discord messages not loading and service being temporarily unavailable? Well, this is happening because Discord is down and it’s not just you. An outage has occurred which is related to Cloudflare. Find out more about it and how it can be fixed.

Why am I getting the Discord ‘Messages Failed to Load’ Error?

You may have seen the Cloudflare Service Interruption Discord error and this is the reason behind the problems with messages and DMs not loading. Now, DownDetector is the go-to site to find out if any website is facing outages or downtime. Many users did the same and realized that due to the Cloudflare outage, these connection failure problems are occurring. But rest assured that the Discord team solves these issues quickly and things get back to normal as soon as possible. At the time of writing, the server problems were fixed.

Here’s what Discord’s status page has shared about the outage:

  • Connection issues in US East: We are experiencing connection failures in US East (ATL) due to issues upstream of our service. Oncall engineering is continuing to monitor the service and is working with Cloudflare to restore the service. (Resolved)
  • We are currently investigating connection failures. US Midwest (Chicago – ORD) appears to be the only impacted area, although we are still gathering information (Resolved)

Cloudflare Service Interruption Discord

How to Check if Discord is Down?

Apart from the trusty DownDetector site, you can check Discord’s status page as well as the official social media channels for the latest updates. If many on Twitter or Reddit are reporting the problems and errors, know that it’s from Discord’s end and not your connection issue. Usually, it won’t be long until the outage and service issues are fixed and restored.

So, that’s all you need to know about Cloudflare Service Interruption Discord and the Messages Failed to Load error. While you are here, don’t forget to check out more information about Profile Customization. Plus, check out the limited-time Discord Nitro freebie via Epic Games Store.