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ToF Server Status: Are Tower Of Fantasy Servers Down?

Is there a dedicated page to know the current server status of Tower Of Fantasy? Know all about it here.

Are Tower Of Fantasy servers down and curious to know how to check the server status? This guide will show you the way. Many players faced issues related to queuing, disconnection and logging in during its launch, but there are chances that they might crop up again. Here’s how to check if the ToF servers are down at the moment or not.

Tower Of Fantasy Servers Down? How to Check ToF Server Status

The best way to know if servers are down at the moment is to check the official @ToF_EN_Official twitter account. They will inform players when maintenance mode is activated and when they will be back online. You can also keep an eye on the official website’s News section or Discord for any information.

how to check tof server status

Since the game has generated a lot of interest, players from many countries are flocking to it to experience the adventure. Due to this, there’s a chance the servers get overloaded. When servers start to go down, you will face connection issues, log in problems and the game may start to lag. That’s when you need to check online if other players are having the same problems or if it’s just you.

If you feel like it’s something from your end, reset your router and try again. Check if your internet is slow or if any background applications are slowing down the game. If the wifi is slow, connect an Ethernet cable to get the best possible net speed.

To contact the developers, launch the game and head to the Settings. There will be a Customer Service button at the top. Players can also mail [email protected] with their concerns.

In case it is confirmed that the issues are related to servers, the developers may give you a compensation for the same. For example, due to the issues at launch (August 11), players could get x300 Dark Crystal as well as x10 Gold Nucleus, as per this tweet.

tof server issues compensation

The compensation will be sent to the in-game mailbox within 24 hours from the announcement. Note that the items will expire 14 days after appearing in your mailbox so you should claim them fast.

Apart from this, if you are wondering how to import preset characters and how to get Red Nucleus, we’ve got some ToF guides that will assist you.