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Are Evil Dead The Game Servers Down? Know Server Status

Here's how to check the current server status of Evil Dead The Game.

Evil Dead The Game is a game that’s best enjoyed with other players. But if you’ve made a plan of a gaming session and the game isn’t letting you connect or matchmake, chances are that the servers are down. Here’s how to find the server status of Evil Dead The Game and know how long will servers be offline.

How to Check if Evil Dead The Game Servers Are Down?


are evil dead game servers down

The best way to check if the game is having problems and players are facing connection issues is to head to @SaberSupport. This is the official customer support page for Evil Dead The Game and through this page, you can find out which problems the devs are currently investigating. Follow them and turn on notifications by clicking on the bell icon so that you stay up-to-date with the latest information regarding the downtime or fixes.


If the game itself isn’t having issues but it’s the platform, then here’s how to check if PlayStation Network and Xbox Live is down at the moment or not.

Lastly, the next best source to find out if servers are down is to head over to Reddit, Discord or Twitter. Join the subreddit in order to see what other players are talking about and whether you are facing the same issues as well.


Just in case it’s not a problem that’s plaguing other users, but just you, restart the game and check if it goes away. Plus, try the classic “turn it off and turn it on” step – shut down your PC/Console and restart it to flush out any errors that might have cropped up. And if all else fails, contact Support by clicking here. Send a message to the support team and they will assist you further.

Once you get the game up and running, don’t forget to invite and add your friends and complete all the missions of the game.