Seoul Apocalypse Tier List – Ranking Of All Characters

Read this guide to find out the best Seoul Apocalypse Tier list.

Seoul Apocalypse was released in early November 2022 by Super Awesome developers. The game is an AFK RPG. This simply means that it has all the features of a regular role-playing game. However, it has auto-combat and limited control over one’s character. If you’re new to this game and want to know about the best characters to choose, then you’re at the right place. Here is our Seoul Apocalypse Tier list.

Seoul Apocalypse Tier List – All Characters Ranked from Best to Worst

Seoul Apocalypse Tier List

Character Tier
Weng S
Gust S
Firey Fist S
Dual Gun H S
Volly B S
Scissors S
Between S
Han S
Spike S
Gymnast S
Firebug S
Bruce Kang S
Jason A
Axe Assaulter A
Brian Kim A
Wondering Swordsman A
Demolition Expert A
Security Guard A
Cyborg MK 2 A
Crushing Specialist A
Street Rifleman A
Baldo A
Fencing Kiz A
Sledgehammer A
Jacket B
Two-Tone B
Mr. Pump B
Kendo B
Big Bear B
Chef Choi B
Yelena B
Pwangko B
Mechanic D B
Crux B
Shaman B
Needle B
Racket B
Bastard B
Bullseye B
Doctor H C
Lucky C
Jin C
Jumbo C
Thunder C
Mr Paper C
Lee Ga D
Scar D
Emma D
Stone Blade D
Penny D
Scalpel D
TigerD D
Moses D
Crown D

Tier Rankings Explained

Seoul Apocalypse has different types of tiers for each character. It’s vital that you choose your characters while taking into account their ranking too. If you aren’t aware of what each tier means:

Tier S

Under this tier comes the best characters available in the game right now. You should definitely get them to make your team unbeatable.

Tier A

These characters come extremely handy when you haven’t unlocked tier S. They are extremely formidable and can hold their own in any situation. They are the perfect backup option for the S Tier.

Tier B

Characters under this tier can prove very useful for you during your early stages in the game. However, as you start progressing, you should move them out quickly.

Tier C

The only thing that this tier has is superiority over the bottom tier. However, they can be reliable in certain game modes.

Tier D

This tier is quite simply the worst option for you. The only reason we added them in the list is so that you avoid them! They’re dreadful in combat and provide no help whatsoever. The only reason I can think of adding them in my team is if I have absolutely no one else to go after.

That sums up our guide on the best Seoul Apocalypse Tier List. For more tips and tricks, head over to our Gamer Tweak page.