Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Combat Guide

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is unlike any other game with the new combat technique it feels much more different than other titles From Software has published, this guide will show you how to master your skills and be good at the game on your way to becoming a Shinobi God.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Combat Guide


sekiro posture

The stamina that you see in most games is replaced with the posture bar, this is the yellow color bar that you see. There is a posture bar for both the enemy and yourself and you have to deal blows to your enemy to fill up the posture bar to get filled. Once you have filled up your enemies posture bar, a small red orb will glow on the enemy, indicating that you can now deal a Shinobi Death Blow. Most enemies can be killed with a single Shinobi Death Blow but you will have to deal multiple Death Blows to main bosses.

The posture bar works completely different than the health bar and you need to keep an eye on both these to make sure that you can come out victorious in the battle.


sekiro deflection

Deflecting enemy attack is one of the most important skills when it comes to combat, you will need to deflect enemy attacks to save yourself from inflicting massive damage and is done right, you will hear swords clashing sound. Deflecting attacks is easy you just have to push L1 on PS4 just before the attack connects.

Deflecting differs from Blocking attacks as it will keep increasing your posture meter the more attacks you block just standing idly. You need to attack when the timing is right and deflect those incoming blows.

When to defend or attack

There are three things you can use to get away from enemy attacks, some you cannot block. You will have a red indicator above yourself when an enemy is ready to attack and you will have a mere second to decide what you should do in these circumstances.

If an enemy attacks you with a downward swing, you will need to dodge to the side to get away from the enemy attack, if you see that the enemy is ready to attack with a horizontal swipe, jump up above the attack and deflect any attack that comes at you directly.

If you do these things perfectly you will be able to launch a counter attack on your enemy and your mobility is one of your key assets. Master them to become a formidable shinobi.

Shinobi Prosthetic

sekiro prosthetics

The Shinobi Prosthetic you received earlier on in the game can be used in multiple ways, you need to unlock Shinobi Prosthetic tools to be able to use them into battle. The first three you unlock in the game are Loaded Shuriken, Loaded Axe, and Flame Vent but the more you progress the more you will unlock in the game.

Each prosthetic in the game come with its special ability and The Loaded Shuriken allows you to fire at the enemies from long range.

The Loaded Axe helps you deliver strong attacks but is slow to wield, and the Flame Vent lets you blast enemies with fire at short range, while this does not cause as much damage as the Loaded Axe but it is a powerful tool nonetheless.


sekiro stealth

Stealth is again of the most important skill, but this applies to the individuality of the player, being stealthy lets you take down enemies which are unaware of your presence, though it only works with lesser bosses and mercenaries but will come handy when you have to down an enemy without raising an alarm.

There are two ways you can perform a stealth takedown.

1. Approach an enemy from behind and when the red dot appears, press R1 on your PS4 to instantly kill your enemy.

2. The other approach is to attack an enemy from above, you need to lock on to your opponent by pressing R3. Make sure you have a clear sign of attack and press R1 when you see the red mark.

These are some of the things to keep in mind, make sure you check out other guides as well.

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