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Stardew Valley Seed Codes Guide

Check out this guide to know about the Seed Codes and their benefits in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is a life-sim farming game that includes activities related to farming for survival. Players have to work on their farms to grow plants and crops either for consumption or selling. At the beginning of the game, the system generates a random default seed for you. However, we can change the way the game acts by changing the behavior of generating a random world seed. It is possible to do so by entering a certain code in the game. Here’s our Seed Codes guide in Stardew Valley which is all you need for a better start.

World Seed Codes in Stardew Valley

Seed Codes Guide in Stardew Valley

Everything that happens in the game, depends on the World Seed you choose at the beginning of the game. Also, you probably don’t want the game to select any random seed for you. So, enter these codes in the game to generate a proper seed:

  • 281191250 – Head towards Linus’s tent and dig up the Ancient Seed. Moreover, donating these Ancient seeds in the Museum to Gunther will get you a Packet of Ancient Seeds. Later, these Ancient Seeds can be grown into Ancient Fruits.
  • 269733094 – This seed generates an opportunity to clear up the farm and plow some seeds in the ground. Now, this increases the chance for you to get a Stone Owl or a Meteoroid on your farm. Also, it raises the chances for a Crop Fairy to appear on the third day of the first Spring in the game. This can bring a lot of success as the game progresses.
  • 270192222 – This World seed is the best way to maximize your profit on the very first day of the Spring. Entering this code makes the Crop Fairy appear on the very first night of the Spring to grow all your crops overnight. That is why you should plow as many seeds as possible into the ground so that it gets grown up in one day rather than in a whole season.
  • 309181356 – You have to put some effort and keep patience while growing the seed generated by this code. The benefit of this seed is that it makes a Meteoroid fall on your farm by the end of the first year. By the end of the second year, there’s a chance of two more Meteoroides falling on your farm. If you are lucky enough, it can be an Iridium Meteoroide containing Iridium Ore that is an excellent item to build tools like Iridium Hoe, Iridium Pickaxe, Iridium Axe, Iridium Watering Can, and an Iridium Trash Can.

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These are the Seed Codes you should try in Stardew Valley for a better start to your game. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guides on Ancient Seeds and Seed Maker.