How To Get To Secret Forest In Stardew Valley

Planning to upgrade your Farmhouse? Here is how to get to Secret Woods of Stardew Valley to collect the most required resource.

The Secret Forest of Stardew Valley is the primary location for harvesting Hardwood. And Hardwood is required for several day-to-day recipes from Warp to Obelisk and Hopper to Cask. As you progress in the game and level up in farming and foraging, you will unlock new recipes, so get to the Secret Woods of Stardew Valley with this guide and start farming them.

How to Reach and Harvest in Secret Woods of Stardew Valley

Access Secret Forest Stardew Valley

Situated on the northwest of Cindersap, Secret Woods of Stardew Valley is blocked with a large log. You can either get rid of the log using Steel Axe or simply bypass it with a chair. If you have reached a certain level and can afford 5 Iron Bars for axe upgradation, then go to the shop and place your order. It will take some days, while it is upgrading you can use these farm layouts. Once you have collected the Steel Axe, go to the Secret Woods and chop the log to enter.

If the previous method is not feasible for you, as you haven’t been in the game for long, then go to the Farmhouse and grab one chair. Come to the Secret Forest of Stardew Valley and place a chair on the opposite side of the log. Jump on the chair and enter the forest. You can return by grabbing the same chair and placing it on the other side.

What You Can Collect From Secret Woods?

Secret Woods contains Slimes and Large Stumps. You can kill Slimes to collect Sap & Slime and Large Stumps for Hardwood. Apart from those there are secret areas you will find while exploring the woods, such as a pond with Woodskip fish.

With that, you can now get to the Secret Forest of Stardew Valley and collect Hardwood and Sap. The game has many interesting and useful items you can collect with the help of our Stardew Valley guides, like Squid location.

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