10 Best Stardew Valley Farm Layouts

Read this guide to know about the best farm layouts to use in Stardew Valley.

Looking for the best Stardew Valley Farm layouts? Then you’re in the right place. Building farms from scratch often depends on your creativity and preferences. You might want your farm to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible and well-organised too. But on the other hand, your eyes may be set on profitability rather than appearances. Well, each to their own! This guide has a list of all the layouts sourced from the Stardew Valley community for players like you. We hope you get the much-needed inspiration to build your unique farm!

Best Stardew Valley Farm Layouts

Since every player has different preferences, we have a farm type for each of them. From farms with monsters to a retirement ranch, here is our list of the top 10 Farm Layouts in Stardew Valley:

10. Monster Madness

wilderness farm stardew valley

If you want a challenge, then the Wilderness farm is one of the best Farm layouts to go for in Stardew Valley. If you’re not already aware, you will go toe to toe with monsters during nighttime. The Wilderness farm has one of the highest spawn rates for monsters compared to the others in this list. Though it can be quite frustrating to be bombarded with these monsters while taking care of your farm, they also give you loot in return. For example, killing the wilderness golems can give you mixed seeds as dropped items.

9. A Farm on the Hills

hill top farm

The Hilltop farm type is known to have a lesser farmable area compared to the others on this list. However, it completely stands apart from the rest in terms of uniqueness and innovation. It has a mini quarry of its own and a natural river that flows through the farm. Managing this farm layout can be difficult for someone who is on their first playthrough of Stardew Valley.

8. Ginger Island Farm Layout in Stardew Valley

The Ginger Island farm is perfect for those who have completed the main game. It can only be accessed after the completion of the community center. You can use the 878 plantable tiles on the farm to grow star fruits, pineapples, bananas and mangoes. You can also grow ancient fruits and fairy roses surrounded by beehives to make some fast and easy money.

7. A Retirement Farm

retirement farm layout
Source: Reddit

Reddit user Hawkster78’s farm is actually a Standard farm type. It is adorned with wooden pathways, a Golden clock in the centre, a bee farm and also a large chessboard. Hawkster78 definitely enjoyed putting this farm together. With a plethora of activities to do in your Retirement farm, you are bound to stay occupied.

6. The Ideal Four Corners Farm

four corners farm layouts
Source: Reddit

Reddit user Fadith’s Four Corners layout makes our list on one of the best Stardew Valley farm layouts. It has one of the most satisfying looking ponds on any map. The ponds at the bottom left have weathered flooring which make them quite appealing to the eye. The ponds have different colors as well. Fadith placed the Void Salmon fish to change the color of the pond to purple. The Lava Eel turned the pond red, Slimejack turned it to green and finally, the Super Cucumber for the light purple pond.

5. A Farm Amongst the Rivers


Taking the 5th spot in our best farm layouts in Stardew Valley is the Riverland farm. The major advantage that this farm has over others is its ability to catch river and forest fishes at a much higher rate. Although it is quite similar in size when compared to the Forest farm. This farm is recommended for seasoned players as its quite overwhelming for the new players.

4. Dream Beach House

beach farm layout

The Beach farm type is one of the most loved farm layouts in Stardew Valley. One thing that you will have to sacrifice is the amount of crops that you can grow. However, this is a blessing in disguise as it will make you think of creative ways to earn money fast. This farm is best suited for seasoned players rather than the newbies. You will also get items washing up on the shore like wood, food and even retaining soil. A major drawback is that you won’t be able to use sprinklers on the sand. You will have to manually water crops instead.

3. A Mystical Summer Night on the Hills

summer night farm stardew valley
Source: Reddit

This Hilltop farm layout is the brainchild of Reddit user RequestMe69. The user’s farm is decorated with street lamps which give it a nighttime effect. The farm is extraordinarily detailed with barn houses, stone pathways and a cute pond in the corner.

2. Forest Farm

forest farm stardew valley

The Stardew Valley Farm Layout has a Forest look and is the perfect blend of farmable soil and nature. You can also catch a lot of fish surprisingly in the four ponds on the map. The best thing about this layout is that hardwood will spawn an infinite number of times. There are eight large stumps of wood on one side of the map which keep respawning. This is one of the bonus features that no other map will be able to give you. You will also be able to find a lot of foraged items around the map.

1. A Beautiful and Efficient Farm

efficient farm

Lastly, a Standard farm has taken the first place in our list of the best Stardew Valley farm layouts. This is not an ordinary farm by any means. Innovated by YouTuber ezlilyy, this farm is not only gorgeous but also quite profitable. There is ample room to plant as many crops as possible. Though it can help you earn quick money, it can also often make your setup seem repetitive. But ezlilyy has fixed this dilemma with some simple shapes, curves and diagonal pathways. Her farm setup includes bee houses, a greenhouse with fruit trees, and fishponds. All in all, this farm layout is not only the most beautiful but also very profitable.

That’s all you need to know about the best Stardew Valley Farm layouts. We hope you were able to build your favorite layout from this list. For similar guides like these, head to our dedicated Stardew Valley section on Gamer Tweak.