How To Quickly Get Captain Bones Special Recipe In Sea Of Thieves

Wondering about where to find Captain Bones' Special Recipe in Sea Of Thieves? Check the exact location here.

Captain Bones Special Recipe in Sea Of Thieves is a special item that you have to retrieve and finish up the quest, this can be quite the challenge as there are a few things to do and all of it seems different and a bit confusing. If you’re having trouble with finishing this quest, here’s everything that you need to do.

How To Get Captain Bones Special Recipe In Sea Of Thieves

To get Captain Bones Special Recipe in Sea of Thieves, you will need to first get to the town of Sailor’s Grave, here at the bottom deck of a shipwrecked vessel near the tavern you will find two skeletons stuck while playing chess. For them to proceed, you will need to light the candle on the table using the Flame of Souls.

captain bones sea of thieves

Once you’re done with that, head towards where you found the pulley elevator where you found Captain Cursed. Make sure that you still have his head with you, as you’re going to need it. Reach the elevator and go up using it.

Once up, you will find another pulley here, using this will raise another platform, interact with it, and then jump on the platform to get to the other side.

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Here you will find another pulley that controls two platforms, interact with it and jump on the first platform only. Light a candle on top of a barrel and look around, you should be able to see a small gap in the wall to your right.

Jump down this small gap and here you will find Captain Bones Special Recipe, grab it and then open the door from the inside to go back to the chess game.

Make sure to pour the Captain Bones Special Recipe in the empty tankard and the Skeleton’s head will explode giving you A Powerful Thirst commendation. After this, buy into the game by placing the Poor Dougie’s Medallion on the board and place Captain Cursed’s head on the headless skeleton, he will continue playing and win the game.

Doing this will earn you a Ship’s key, to use this return back to the pulley elevator and then go up. You will find a door here, use the Ship of Thieves commendation for opening the door and then grab all the loot that you can.

This is all there is to know about how to get the Captain Bones Special Recipe In Sea Of Thieves. While you’re here make sure to check out how to complete the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale quest in Sea Of Thieves right here on Gamer Tweak.