Where To Find Sea Grapes & White Salt In Dave The Diver

Here is how to find the Sea Grapes and White Salt in Dave The Diver.

Dave The Diver involves deep-sea diving and fishing while also being a restaurant simulator. Most of the time you will have to get specific items for certain characters by diving into the sea. One of the missions is for Vincent (VIP) who will ask you to collect ingredients like White Salt and Sea Grapes. If you are struggling to find these items, then this guide will help you out. Here is where you can find Sea Grapes and Salt in Dave The Diver. We will also show you the location of the Limestone (Stalactite) Cave right here.

Where to Find Sea Grapes in Dave The Diver

sea grapes location dave the diver

Sea Grapes can only be found in the Limestone Cave in Dave the Diver. Their appearance is in the form of bright green seaweeds. Once you approach the Sea Grapes, use the melee button and then press the “space bar” to pick them up. Once done, you will need to head back to the surface. Refer to this video guide by Carlos Andrés for the exact location.

Where is the White Salt in Dave The Diver

While Salt can be found easily inside any crockpot in Dave The Diver. As soon as you dive into the Blue Hole, keep your eyes peeled for crockpots. Since they are quite common, you shouldn’t have trouble collecting the salt and completing Vincent’s mission.

Limestone Cave Location in Dave The Diver (Stalactite Cave)

The Limestone Cave, also known as the Stalactite Cave, is located right in the center of the Blue Hole at a depth of 100 meters below the sea. Make sure to upgrade your Air Tank as having a high oxygen level will be vital. If you are unable to find the Limestone Cave, then go up to the surface and come back again the next day. The location of the Stalactite cave reportedly changes during afternoon or mid-day dives. So, take a morning dive and you will see the Limestone Cave appearing under the sea.

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That’s all you need to know about where to find Sea Grapes and White Salt in Dave the Diver. We hope that this guide managed to help you out. If you have just started playing the game and need some tips, then check out how to fish at night, how to sell Pearls, and more in our Dave The Diver section.