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How To Score Goals & Win Against Strong Stat Goalkeepers In FIFA 22

In this guide, you'll learn how to effectively score goals in Fifa 22.

If you want to score goals in Fifa 22, you’ll soon realize it’s a bit more complex than the previous versions. This is mainly due to the fact that the goalkeepers have much better stats and improved attributes. While it is difficult, there are a few things you can do to get goals coming your way. In this guide, we’ll list out ways in which you can effectively score goals in FIFA 22.

How to Score Goals and Win Against Strong Stat Goalkeepers in FIFA 22


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To score goals in FIFA 22, you’ve simply got to narrow down as many 1v1s as you can by deploying your striker upfront and further use the shot options and combinations to outsmart the keeper. Here are some more tips and tricks you can use.

  • Though the keepers have better stats, they still are vulnerable to the near and far corners so aim there often.
  • The best shot we recommend here to execute is the Low-Driven Shot in FIFA 22.
  • Sending long balls earlier in FIFA 22 improves a chance to get a 1v1 with the keeper.
  • In order to do this, you’ll need to perfect your passing in Fifa 22.
  • Once you’ve mastered the way you navigate the ball using your passing mechanisms, you can use skill moves before scoring.
  • These skill moves will help you in getting past tough defenders as well as in catching the keeper by surprise.
  • Additionally, if solo runs are more your game, ensure you’re going with the explosive sprint to get that extra burst.
  • Moreover, once you get familiar with the explosive sprint and combine that with skill moves and a low-driven shot, you’ll be scoring for fun even in Legendary difficulty or in FUT.
  • Furthermore, it’s critical for you to remember that your team’s style of play and formations in Fifa 22 are really important as well to score goals.
  • In order to do that, make sure you’re carefully selecting the style of your starter team in FIFA 22 plays.
  • Starter Nation cards with greater speed and finishing really help you get going early on in FUT.
  • In addition to all these, there come set pieces.
  • In Fifa 22, realistically it’s a bit complicated to score from freekicks and will really take some practice.
  • Penalties, however, can always work in your favor.
  • Finally, remember you can maximize your chances of getting set pieces by feeding more into the box.


Shooting Controls in FIFA 22

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As Johan Cruyff famously said, “In order to score, you have to shoot” (Duh). Here’s a table listing all the shooting controls to help you score in FIFA 22.


Shot Style Xbox Controls PlayStation Controls PC Controls
Shoot/Volley/Header B Circle
Left Mouse Button (LMB)
Timed Shot B+B [Timed] Circle + Circle [Timed]
LMB+LMB [Timed]
Low Driven Shot/Low Driven Header LB+RB+B L1+R1+Circle LShift+D+LMB
Driven Shot RB+B then LB R1+Circle then L1 D+S
Chip LB+B L1+ Circle LShift+LMB
Flair Shot LT+B L2+Circle W+LMB
Finesse Shot RB+B R1+Circle D+LMB
Curled Freekick B Circle
LMB+Hold Mouse
Driven Shot Freekick LB+B L1+Circle LMB
Finesse Penalty RB+B R1+Circle D+LMB
Panenka LB+B L1+Circle LShift+LMB
Fake Shot B then A + Direction Circle then X + Direction
S then RMB + Direction
Skill Moves Right Analog Stick Right Analog Stick
Middle Mouse Button+Direction


While all of the above tips and tricks are to be followed to score goals in FIFA 22, the most important one to bear in mind is that FIFA 22 has new mechanics and in-game technology that you most certainly will need to familiarize yourself with. Moreover, spending time understanding the game really does your gameplay good. Run a few drills, practice your shots, see which players and teams suit your style best.  Once you’re confident, head-on and get scoring. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. You can find more guides and tips and tricks relating to the game in our FIFA 22 section.