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Scarlet Nexus: How To Get Costumes

To get new costumes in Scarlet Nexus all you have to do is keep your teammates happy and build strong bonds with them in the game.

Are you wondering how to get new costumes and outfits in Scarlet Nexus? However, there are a few ways by which you can get them in the game. These range from microtransactions to completing in-game missions. So, let’s find out how you can get new outfits in the game.

How to get new Costumes in Scarlet Nexus?


Scarlet Nexus: How To Get Costumes

  • To get costumes in the game you will need to build strong bonds with your teammates in the game.
  • You can increase your bond level by sending your teammates gifts.
  • Also, you can use their abilities to the fullest when you play with them.
  • Doing this will allow you to unlock and get various costumes.
  • You can also purchase the digital version of the game for next-gen console and PCs.
  • Once you have done this you will get access to a DLC with all content unlocked.
  • This is the best method to suit up if you are thinking about purchasing the game.
  • You will also be able to get new costumes when you complete missions in the game.
  • These missions also increase your bond level which in turn allows you to get costumes in Scarlet Nexus.

How to change costumes?

  • First, go over to the main menu in the game.
  • Now, look for the Equipment Tab.
  • Under the equipment tab, you will be able to see another tab that is named Visuals.
  • Once you click on this you will be able to see all the costumes and outfits you own.
  • Select any outfit of your choice and that will be applied to your character.

This is everything you need to know about how to get new costumes in Scarlet Nexus. While you are here you can also have a look at how to use a Combo Vision or how to get Battle Record in the game.