Scarlet Nexus: Which Character To Play First

Scarlet Nexus: Find out which Character you should choose between Yuito and Kasane and which character you should begin the game with.

Scarlet Nexus will give you an option between two characters in the initial stage of the game. Now, every character has their own perks and backstory. Your character choice will also influence the storyline of the game up to a level. So, let’s find out which character to choose in the game.

Which character to choose and play with first in Scarlet Nexus?

Scarlet Nexus: Which Character To Choose And Play First

You can choose between Yuito and Kasane but remember that each has a unique storyline that separates them from the other. I prefer Kasane Randall for her backstory. However, I also recommend that since there are multiple save files, you should play as both characters. This allows you to experience both storylines.

Kasane Randall

Her official description reads:

Scouted by the OSF, she was an elite cadet at the academy, always at the top of her class. Cool, rational, and indifferent to others, the only person she’s opened up to is her adoptive sister. She is extremely loyal to her, and she will do anything for her sister. She fights at range with a combination of ranged, multi-blade attacks, and psychokinesis abilities.

So basically Kasane is a long-range character in Scarlet Nexus. If that suits your gameplay mechanics, you definitely should have a look at playing as Kasane.

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Yuito Sumeragi

His official description reads:

He comes from a great family who are descendants of the founding father. Cheerful and optimistic, he’s a young boy with an unwavering and kind heart. Having had his life saved by the OSF as a volunteer to be able to save others. He fights close-quarters with a combination of quick sword attacks and psychokinesis abilities.

Yuito is a close-range character. You will be spending much more time in hand-to-hand combat with this character.

So, figure out what works out the best for you and choose the character you’re comfortable with. You can alternatively even play with both characters with multiple save files.

So this is everything you need to know about which character to choose and play with first in Scarlet Nexus. Now that you are here you should also have a look at how to get Brain Points.