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Sea Of Thieves: How To Save Your Ship Loadout

Ahoy! Check out our guide on how to save your Ship loadout in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game developed by Rare and Microsoft Windows. If you like Pirates and their thrilling adventures, this might be a perfect game for you. With the release of season 7, there’s an addition of several new gameplay elements. That being said, players are looking to save their ship’s condition. But saving the loadout might be a bit tricky. So, here’s our guide on how to save your Ship loadout in the Sea of Thieves.

How to Save your Ship Loadout in Sea of Thieves

With the release of Season 7, you can purchase your ship to save the loadouts for them. You need to buy your ship to save the different loadouts. But you need to spend some extra gold coins to become the owner of your ship.

Follow the mentioned below steps to save your ship’s loadout:

  • Head to the Main Menu and select a suitable adventure.
  • As you select an Adventure, you will see a My Ships tab.
  • Then, hit the Purchase Ship tab to choose your ship type.
  • Over there, you will see three different types of ships to purchase.
  • As mentioned, you can purchase them in exchange for a hefty amount of gold coins. Here are all the ships and their prices:
    • Sloop: 250,000 Gold coins
    • Bringantine: 375,000 Gold coins
    • Galleon: 500,000 Gold coins
sea of thieves save ship loadout
Image Source – KILL JOY on YouTube.
  • Once you have purchased a suitable ship, start with your adventure.
  • Now, head over to the Ship customization chest on whichever outpost you are closest to.
  • You can decorate the interior as well as the exterior of your purchased ship.
  • As soon as you are all set, you will be able to save these loadouts.
  • To save your Ship loadout, you also need to spend some gold coins, again.
  • You can also repair your ship at the Ship customization Chest.

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