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How To Buy, Name & Rename Your Ship In Sea Of Thieves

Here's how to purchase a ship as well as name/rename it in Sea Of Thieves easily.

The long requested feature is here. With the Captaincy Update, players can now name or rename their own ships in Sea Of Thieves. Before we get to it, find out how to buy a ship, customize it’s appearance and give it an awesome new name.


How to Buy a Ship in Sea Of Thieves

  • Make sure you have updated the game to Season 7. After that, click on Start Game.
  • Click on Play.
  • From Choose your Experience, click on Adventure.

choose ship type

  • Click on My Ships. This is where you can purchase ships to own and sail as a captain for perks and rewards.

captained ship

  • Next, click on Purchase Ship under Purchase a Captained Ship.
  • Now select a Ship Type. The options you have are: Galleon (Crew size: 4), Brigantine (Crew size: 2-3) and Sloop (Crew size: 1-2).

Ship Types

Galleon is a large, well-armed ship. Brigantine is a capable mid-sized ship and Sloop is a small, nimble shop with limited firepower and crew slots. Make sure you have enough Gold with you because you need a big amount to purchase a ship.

The prices of Ships in Sea of Thieves are:


buy ship with gold

  • Sloop: 250,000 Gold
  • Brigantine: 375,000 Gold
  • Galleon: 500,000 Gold

Confirm your purchase and that’s it. This is how you can purchase a ship in Sea Of Thieves. Now that you have one, let’s take a look at how to name and rename your ship in Sea Of Thieves.


How to Name & Rename Sea Of Thieves Ship

how to name rename ship sea of thieves

Once you have clicked on your Ship type, you will be asked to name your ship. As you know, the name of a ship gives it a personality, a character. A name can terrify opponents or it can make them laugh. So, to choose your name at this step, simply press the Enter key on your PC/A on Xbox. Type your desired name and click on Submit or hit the Enter key/Press A.

How to Change Ship Name

To rename your Ship in Sea Of Thieves, you have to purchase a Renaming Deed from the Pirate Emporium, so make sure you are choosing your name wisely.

how to change ship name sea of thieves

Whenever you feel like you wish to rename your Ship, select it and under Options, find the Rename option. You can move forward with your Renaming Deed from here.

Sea Of Thieves Name Requirements

  • 20 characters maximum
  • Cannot contain numbers
  • Cannot start or end with a space
  • Cannot use certain special characters
  • Also avoid using any bad or inappropriate words.

That’s how to buy, name and rename a ship in Sea of Thieves. But if you’d like to read more about Sea of Thieves, don’t forget to check out our guides on Gamer Tweak.