How To Save Your Game In Need For Speed Heat

Need For Speed Heat brings the heat as you face off against corrupt cops and ruthless opponents in this adrenaline rush inducing game, and there is a risk always involved which could mean that you could lose your car and a ton of bank. This guide will show you how to save your game in Need For Speed Heat.

How to Save Your Game in Need for Speed Heat

The best thing about Need For Speed Heat is the fact that you do not have to worry about saving the game too much, as any other modern game in recent years Need For Speed Heat has an autosave option which allows the game to save progress.

This means that every time you complete an event or visit a garage, safe house or purchase a vehicle the game will autosave itself.

This is done to ensure that you do not lose your progress in any case and that you get to have a seamless experience.

Every time you log into the Need For Speed Heat you will find your car in the garage and from there you can take your car out for a spin be it in day or night.

If you wish to save the progress of your Need For Speed Heat campaign you can always fast travel to a safe house and that will ensure that your game is saved.

After doing this you can put your mind to ease that you will not lose out on any progress, there isn’t an option of manually saving the progress in Need For Speed Heat and honestly the game doesn’t need one either.

You can know every time the game is saving itself by checking in the bottom right corner, you will see the Need For Speed logo blink and disappear, once it is gone it means that the game has saved itself.

This is all there is to know about how to save your game in Need For Speed Heat. Check our other NFS Heat Wiki Guides for all the tips, tricks and tweaks in the game only on GamerTweak.