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How To Find Sattiq Poppy Farmer House Warzone 2 DMZ

Here is how you can find the Sattiq Poppy Farmer House to use your key and get the loot in Warzone 2 DMZ.

Warzone 2 has continually improved upon DMZ such as adding new key and loot locations, such as the Sattiq Poppy Farmer House. Although DMZ is still in beta, a lot of things have changed since Warzone 2 first launched. Besides new guns and equipment, new features and gameplay elements have been added like the Extraction Streak. Also, DMZ can now be played on another map, Ashika Island. This changes the whole flow of DMZ and feels fresh and new. There are even new factions and faction missions added. Let’s take a look at how you can find Sattiq Poppy Farmer House in DMZ.

How to Find the Sattiq Poppy Farmer House DMZ Warzone 2

sattiq poppy farmer house dmz

The Sattiq Poppy Farmer House, as the name would suggest, is in the Sattiq Cave Complex. This is near the western part of the map, it is an area full of many different little houses and features a big cave. Due to there being so many structures around, it can get difficult to understand where the key goes. Even after you have figured out that it is in Sattiq Cave Complex.

However, this location is somewhat further away from the cave section of the map towards the north of it. It is near the poppy fields which can be seen on the map. Refer to the image above to understand the exact location of this house. Be warned, as you approach this location, there is a guaranteed chance that it will be surrounded by AI soldiers. You will need to clear all these AI soldiers if you are trying to get into the house safe and sound.

That is how to find the Sattiq Poppy Farmer House in Warzone 2 DMZ. For more guides like this, check out our other Warzone 2 DMZ articles like where to find the Golden Skull and how to find and kill Cartel Soldiers.