Where To Find Golden Skull In DMZ Warzone 2 

Here are the best spawn locations to get a Golden Skull in DMZ Warzone 2.

As part of the Dealmaker Faction Mission in Season 3 of Warzone 2 DMZ, you will be required to find three items. While two of them – an Electric Drill and Gas Can are quite easy to find, the Golden Skull is the complete opposite. You will have to store all these items in your bag and trade them for a secure backpack at a Buy Station. But many players are struggling to find the Golden Skull in DMZ. If you’re one of them, then this guide will help you out.

How to Find A Golden Skull in DMZ Warzone 2 Season 3

The best places in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island that can help you get a Golden Skull DMZ are:

  • H.M.S Shipwreck Cache
  • Sawah Hotel
  • Police Stations

H.M.S Shipwreck Cache

The H.M.S Shipwreck is located towards the eastern side of the Ashika Island map. But make sure you have the cache key before you set out. It can be found by eliminating HVT’s and looting Strongholds. Once you reach the location, just go underwater and loot the cache. You will find the Golden Skull as it has a guaranteed spawn in H.M.S Shipwreck Cache. Check out a short video by ElClaptain explaining the same:

Sawah Hotel Golden Skull Location


Sawah Hotel is the best location to get the Golden Skull on the Al Mazrah map. It has a high spawn rate of dropping the Golden Skull. However, you will need to get a Skeleton key. This key will help you unlock Rooms 302 and 303 in the Sawah Hotel. Both these rooms will have several orange loot boxes. So, open all of them and if you are lucky enough, you might just be able to grab a Golden Skull. However, we must warn you that getting the Skeleton key is a herculean task in itself. If that is a deal breaker for you, then check out the next location to find the Golden Skull.

Police Stations in DMZ


The three police stations scattered around Al Mazrah are another way to find the Golden Skull in DMZ. You can head to each of them one by one until you get the item. The spawn rate for the Golden Skull is quite decent in these Police Stations. Moreover, unlike the Sawah Hotel, you won’t need a key to access this area. However, they will be heavily guarded by high-tier AI enemies. So, gather your squad, stock up on gear, and be prepared for a brutal and unforgiving gunfight!

Other Locations for Golden Skull in DMZ:

There are some other locations as well that we know of which have a decent spawn rate of the Golden Skull:

  • Killing the Scavenger
  • Safes 
  • Loot Cache from Commander Helo 
  • Downed Operators 
  • Gas Stations

That’s all you need to do to find a Golden Skull in DMZ Warzone 2. If this guide was helpful, then go visit our Warzone 2 section for more tips and tricks on Season 3.