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Satisfactory Cheat Codes Guide – How to Enable Cheat Console?

Free Crafting Materials, Deactivate Fog, Respawn Cheat, etc.

Satisfactory has a cheat console that allows you to activate cheats. As we all know that Satisfactory is a game of craftsmanship. You have to build massive factories also you will have to guard your construction. In this guide, I’m going to help you with Satisfactory cheat codes. There are two ways to use cheats in this game. First is why a trainer, which is a third-party application. And secondly is through the Internet developer console allows you to manipulate the game settings. The benefit of using developer consoles you don’t have two worry about finding the right trainer download. This also avoids security issues with your system.

In this satisfactory cheat code guide, I will share the list of all cheats that you can type in the console. Ample of these codes can be used to modify the game settings, as well as some, can give you free resources also. There is one more thing you can do in satisfactory. You can use the DebugType codes to view the information in the game. These commands in this list can help you to get details like information regarding enemies or details about automated vehicles near the player. So let’s begin with the complete list of satisfactory cheat codes also what you can do with those cheats. But before checkout the first section about how to activate cheat codes is satisfactory.

How to enable cheat console in Satisfactory?

Satisfactory Cheats

Press Ctrl+ Shift+ L to open the cheat console. You can also press the tilde (~) key to open the console command and start typing cheats in it. Satisfactory does have a locked console, so you don’t have to do any major changes in the game. You can either press Ctrl + Shift + L to open it or press the tilde key twice. You can then type the cheat codes listed below and see the effects on the screen. As I said above there are two types of commands, a regular cheat and debug command. The second will let you modify game settings for example FPS, view the input, physics data, check info on trains, etc.

There is a shortcut to get the full list of Satisfactory Cheats by pressing one key. Launch the console and type Question Mark (?) To view the entire list of available cheats in different colors.

  • Green Commands: Can use as a Public User.
  • Purple Commands: Only Admin can execute it.
  • Grey Commands: Read-only commands.

Satisfactory Cheat Codes:

  1. Locate items for crafting – materialFlowAnalysis recipeName[FString]
  2. Pause the game – Pause
  3. Deactivate/Activate Atmosphere – r.Atmosphere 0 or 1
  4. Deactivate/Activate Fog – r.Fog 0 or 1
  5. Change Brightness – Gamma (number)
  6. Kill the player – Suicide
  7. Show FPS Counter – Stat FPS
  8. Sets maximum framerate – t.MaxFPS [value]
  9. Kill the player – Suicide
  10. Sets the render distance of shadows – r.Shadow.DistanceScale
  11. Sets grass density – Grass.densityscale (number)
  12. Control LOD models Quality – foliage.LODDistanceScale
  13. Set Internal resolution scale – r.ScreenPercentage [percent]

Satisfactory Debug Codes:

  1. Display players name, co-ordinate in the world, base eyesight, etc. – ShowDebug [DebugType]
  2. Reveal enemy or vehicle info near the player – AI
  3. Reveal information on animation and its name – ANIMATION
  4. Reveal information regarding bone connections – BONES
  5. Reveal information about the camera position – CAMERA
  6. Reveal information on any power networks (circuits) in the world – CIRCUITS
  7. Reveal collision information – COLLISION
  8. Reveal information about player built structures – FACTORY
  9. Reveal more information about structures – FACTORYCONNNECTIONS
  10. Reveal information about current force feedback values – FORCEFEEDBACK
  11. Reveal information about which input method is currently being used – INPUT
  12. Reveal information about multiplayer connections – NET
  13. Reveal only default info, hide the rest – NONE
  14. Reveal information about player’s speed – PHYSICS
  15. Reveal information about radioactivity subsystem – RADIATION
  16. Show spheres where radiation can affect the player – RADIATIONSPHERES
  17. Reveal information about railroad subsystem pertaining to tracks – TRACKS
  18. Reveal information regarding connections between train cars – TRAINCOUPLERS
  19. Reveal information about railroad subsystem pertaining to tracks – TRAINS
  20. Reveal information about the current vehicle – VEHICLE
  21. Reveal information about the players held weapon or tools – WEAPON

So these are Satisfactory Cheats and debug commands. You can test them out while playing the game. If you want more then you can try out Satisfactory trainers which are a bit risky to use. Some can crash the game and make your system unstable. We have covered some important guides to help you out with the game. Like what to do with nuclear waste or how to find coal, etc. Refer to the links for more details.