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Coal In Satisfactory: Where To Find And How To Get It?

Want to get coal in Satisfactory? Here's where to find coal in the game.

In Satisfactory, you play as an engineer who is responsible for exploring the alien planet you are in. You must gather resources and create machines, even complex ones for that matter. At its core, yes, it’s a factory building game with a twist of exploration as well as combat elements. After all, a new planet cannot be without its own flora and fauna. Now, soon after starting the game, you will need some coal which will be used for generating power or smelting. In this guide, we will explain how to get coal in satisfactory.

Where to Find Coal in Satisfactory?

You can harvest coal from the deposits that you will find in the world, so exploration is key. To get it, you have to press E and it will be yours.

You can also acquire it from inexhaustible resource nodes where you can construct Miners. This is how coal can be extracted automatically, which is the best way to get it.

Plus, there is another way to get coal in Satisfactory and that is by taming Lizard Doggos. Once you do it, they will bring it to you sometimes.

Getting coal is important because it will power coal generators as well as vehicles. The coal generator will create power with coal and water and is the very first automated power source that you will get in the game. Coal will also be useful in steel production.

It is also an ingredient in a lot of essential recipes. Some of the recipes in which coal features as an ingredient are Black Powder, Gas Filter and Steel Ingot. Note that Coal will be unlocked at Tier 3 and is in the category of Ores.

So this is how you can get coal in Satisfactory. For more video game tips and tricks, keep reading our guides.