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How To Deal With Nuclear Waste In Satisfactory

How to remove or discard nuclear waste in Satisfactory? These are some of the options you have in the game.

In Satisfactory, players have the mission of using the resources of an alien planet to build detailed factories in the area. It’s a unique combination of the factory-building genre along with some fighting involved, because, of course, an alien planet comes with aliens. So apart from constructing, survival is also an essential part of the game. Now, as you progress in the game, you will end up with some nuclear waste. Nuclear Power Plants release nuclear waste in Satisfactory as a by product. In this guide, we will find out how to deal with Nuclear Waste in Satisfactory.

What to Do with Nuclear Waste in Satisfactory?

Nuclear waste is not a part of any crafting recipe and it cannot be thrown away with the help of the trash button too. It can also not be put into an AWESOME sink and neither can it be destroyed. Here’s what you will see if you try to put it into the sink.


Yikes, it’s quite the passive aggressive warning.

How to Remove Nuclear Waste?

What you can do is create farms where lots of Storage Containers are connected in order to make sure at all waste is stored in one area that is very, very far from your base. This will also reduce the area that the radioactive nuclear waste will affect.

Here’s another tactic you can use to deal with Nuclear Waste in Satisfactory. First, find a Lizard Doggo and tame it. Then, feed it nuclear waste. Then, go ahead and kill it. It’s brutal but it will effectively destroy the nuclear waste.

Apart from these, there’s one more way to do it but it’s tricky because it will impact the game performance. This method needs the player to load waste into a vehicle and let it fall into the void by destructing the foundation under the vehicle. Even from the sound of it, this doesn’t look like a good idea because the vehicles might fall forever. Some players have even suggested to make a vertical waste tower which contains all the nuclear waste.

So these are basically all the options you have as of now to deal with nuclear waste in Satisfactory. For more tips and tricks on video games, check out our video game guides.