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Zelda TotK Sage Abilities: How To Get & Use Them?

Sage Abilities are some of the best powers you can get in Zelda ToTK, so here's how to get and use them.

Sage Abilities in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (ToTK) are helpful while exploring the Hyrule Kingdom and in combat. Veteran Zelda players may recognize them as Champion Abilities from the previous installment, Breath of The Wild. In this new iteration, sage abilities can help you turn the tide of battles in your favor, even against the strongest enemies. So, here’s how to get and use them.

How to Get Sage Abilities in Zelda ToTK

Sage Abilites in Zelda ToTK
Image Source: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

To get Sage Abilities in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom (ToTK), all you have to do is complete the main quests. By doing so, you’ll unlock the following sage abilities:

  • Yunobo (Sage of Fire): Complete Yunobo of Goron City
  • Sidon (Sage of Water): Complete Sidon of Zora
  • Tulin (Sage of Wind): Complete Tulin of Rito Village
  • Riju (Sage of Lightning): Complete Riju of Gerudo Town

Once you have multiple sages, you can toggle them from the Key Items tab in your inventory. Now that you know how to get them, here is what you can do with each sage ability. Note that there’s a 10-second Cooling Period before you can use it again.

How to Use Sage Abilities in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

Yunobo can help you clear blocked entrances. In combat, you can use a charge attack with fire damage. Sidon has a powerful ability that will protect you from strong bosses. It will form a temporary water barrier that will guard you from on-hit attacks. Moreover, you can aim at the enemy and swing your weapon to send a wave toward the enemy.

With Tulin, you can use its Gust ability to move farther while paragliding. Moreover, you can use it in combat to blow away small enemies. Finally, you can use Riju’s sage ability to conjure a lightning field. If you hit an enemy with an arrow within this field, powerful lightning will strike them, causing massive damage.

Upgrading Sages with Sage Wills in ToTK

Use Sage Wills to upgrade sage abilities in ToTK
Image Source: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

In this game, you can further enhance Sage’s abilities to get more out of their powers. To upgrade them, you must collect four Sage’s Wills and offer them to Goddess Statues. There are multiple statues, like the one in the Emergency Shelter at Lookout Landing. In the case of Sage Wills, the best way to obtain them is through the treasure chests spread across the Hyrule Kingdom.

That’s all from us on how to get and use Sage Abilities in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). While you’re here, check out how to unlock all great fairies to upgrade your armor and more in our ToTK guides section.