All Ryu Moves & Combos For In Street Fighter 6

Here is our guide on all the moves and combos you can perform while playing Ryu in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 has arrived and Ryu the iconic street fighter makes his way into the new installment with his unique moves and devastating combos. Many players will be familiar with the character and his skill set but very few know how to use them properly. This guide will list all of Ryu’s moves and some combos you can try out in Street Fighter 6.

List of Moves for Ryu in Street Fighter 6

list of moves and combos for ryu

Special Moves

  • Hadoken – QCF + Punch (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Punch)
  • Shoryuken – Z-motion + Punch (Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Punch)
  • Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku – QCB + Kick (Down, Down-Back, Back + Kick)
  • Aerial Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku – QCB + Kick during a forward jump (Down, Down-Back, Back + Kick)
  • High Blade Kick – QCF + Kick (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Kick)
  • Hashogeki – QCB + Punch (Down, Down-Back, Back + Punch)
  • Denjin Charge – Down, Down + Punch

Super Arts

  • Shinku Hadoken – QCF, QCF + Punch (Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Punch)
  • Shin Hashogeki – QCB, QCB + Punch (Down, Down-Back, Back, Down, Down-Back, Back + Punch)
  • Shin Shoryuken – QCF, QCF + Kick (Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Kick)

Unique Attacks

  • Collarbone Breaker – Forward + Medium Punch
  • Solar Plexus Strike – Forward + Heavy Punch
  • Short Uppercut – Back + Heavy Punch
  • Axe Kick – Back + Heavy Kick
  • Whirlwind Kick – Forward+ Heavy Kick
  • High Double Strike – Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick
  • Fuwa Triple Strike – Medium Punch + Light Kick + Heavy Kick

Common moves

  • Drive Impact: Shingeki – Heavy Punch, Heavy Kick
  • Drive Reversal: Chest Strike – Forward + Heavy Punch, Heavy Kick (When blocking)
  • Drive Parry – Medium punch, Medium Kick (Hold the button to extend move duration)
  • Parry Drive Rush – Forward, Forward (During a Drive Parry)
  • Cancel Drive Rush – Forward, Forward


  • Shoulder Throw – Forward + Light Punch, Light Kick
  • Somersault Throw – Back + Light Punch, Light Kick

List of Combos for Ryu in Street Fighter 6

  • C.LK, C.LP, LP + Shinku Hadoken
  • MP, C.MP + High Blade Kick + Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku
  • HK, C.MK + Shoryuken(Hard Punch)

That is everything covered on the moves and combos of Ryu in Street Fighter 6. Check out our guides on How to do EX Moves & How to Taunt in the game and for more guides like these  do check out our dedicated Street Fighter 6 section right here on Gamer Tweak