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How To Taunt In Street Fighter 6

Looking for ways to annoy your opponent? Here is our guide on how you can Taunt in Street Fighter 6

For players who consider mocking to be a part of a healthy battle in SF6, you can taunt your opponent in the game. The option itself has been there for a while in SF games but this time it’s up a notch as you now have up to 3 taunts per character that you can use. So if you are ready to remind your opponent of their failure, here is our guide on how to Taunt in Street Fighter 6.

How to Taunt in Street Fighter 6

taunt in street fighter 6

Players can Taunt in SF6 by pressing all the Punch and Kick buttons simultaneously. As they are divided into light, medium, and heavy attacks, players will have to press 6 buttons at the same time. Pressing all 6 buttons can be tricky and you will have to do so carefully as you can accidentally throw a punch when you were not supposed to. You can always remap the controls of the game or switch to modern controls. Using modern controls it becomes relatively easier to taunt your opponents in battle. This can give you a break after which you can showcase your abilities more easily. If you are a newcomer, we recommend you try out the modern controls. It will smooth up your experience in Street Fighter 6.

Though Taunts can be fun they don’t do any damage to your opponent in the game. And it is also worth noting that once your character is in the Taunt animation you cannot perform any other action or moves during it. This will leave your character open to attack and your opponent can take advantage of that moment. In a game like Street Fighter, it’s better to focus more on your combat.

That is everything covered on how to Taunt in Street Fighter 6. To have more fun in this game check out how to play SF6 online with your friends.